Reds 2B Brandon Phillips Arrested For Reckless Driving


Well atleast he wasn't drinking and driving...... KENTON COUNTY – Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was arrested and charged with reckless driving in Park Hills Friday night, police said. Phillips was driving his new Audi about 72 mph in a 35-mph zone when he was pulled over in the 1400 block of Dixie Highway just after 11 p.m., Kenton County Jail officials said. His mother was in the car with him at the time and no alcohol was involved, Park Hills police said. Phillips was booked into the Kenton County Jail and released in about an hour after posting a $25 bond. Officers have the option of arresting a person for reckless driving or simply issuing a ticket, said Colonel Scott Colvin, deputy chief jailer. Often, it’s the latter, unless the circumstances show that the driver posed a serious danger. "Reckless driving, a lot of times, is truly a discretionary offense," Colvin said. "He was nothing but a gentleman, according to the policeman that booked him. I love the way the guy plays baseball but he could probably be better at driving his car." Phillips is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning in Kenton County Municipal Court.