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Red Reposter - Keeping the swoon at Bay

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Even McPaper knows that Chapman's path to the majors to runs through the bullpen
I think I said something yesterday about not reading into Chapman pitching in relief of Volquez's start. That was, in some sense, "wrong." I don't think Chapman's coming up right away, but he could be up in the bullpen sooner than expected. This doesn't change the larger certainty that the Reds will attempt develop him into a starter at all costs. As mentioned elsewhere, the list of quality starters (QS) who began their big league careers in relief is an impressive one.

Fay looks at yesterday's almost-triple play
For those that criticize Phillips' lapses on the base-paths, fairness dictates big ups to Phillips for bending the infield fly rule that helped Cueto out of a bases loaded jam - and ultimately got A's manager Bob Geren ejected.

FanGraphs puts it to us: Gomes or Heisey in LF?
The Reds might pick up half a win by starting Chris Heisey, due chiefly to his considerable defensive advantage to Gomes (at least according to UZR). Insignificant though it may seem, the team is currently locked in a close race with the Cardinals and scraping together chunks of wins here and there could be decisive. I might add that while Gomes is likely to outperform Heisey offensively, as riverfront76 astutely pointed out for us in his 18 Gamer, Heisey is almost certainly hitting better than Stubbs. What isn't clear to me in the latter case especially is how close the comparison in defensive skill might be between Stubbs and Heisey.  Somebody make a spreadsheet.

MLB FanHouse looks at Joey Votto's toilings in obscurity
For the rest of the league's fans, Votto has a been a mostly quite riot. Of course, we know better. It will be a mega-travesty if Votto is anything short of second up to play 1B for the NL. You can bet I'll be using my interrobang if that happens.

Red Hot Momma's love justification series rolls on with "What I Love About Scott Rolen"
What I love about Scott Rolen is the relief I feel when he steps into the box after Joey Votto. I love that, as potent as one infield corner is, there’s a mirror of it on the other side, protecting each other while at the same time challenging.

Chris Sabo is teaching hitting fundamentals at a camp in Marietta
I alerted my 7 year old self, who told me, "You're a fan of the Reds and not the starting second baseman? I guess I've gotta get on my shit." Spacetime was been irrevocably altered.

The Pirates rehired that rogue Pierogi
From Deadspin: "After a thorough HR review, the pierogi mascot who was fired for criticizing the team on Facebook has been reinstated to his menial, dehumanizing job. Because if there's one thing the Pirates never let go of, it's talent."