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Farmers Only: Rookie Ball has arrived!

Billings should be hopping this year
Billings should be hopping this year

The Billings Mustangs and Arizona League Reds both began their seasons last night.  In honor of their debuts, Carolina, Lynchburg, and Dayton all went on their all star breaks.  The Billings team should be exciting to watch, with solid pitching (Daniel Tuttle, Tyler Cline) and some serious hitting prospects (Juan Duran, Yorman Rodriguez, and Billy Hamilton). Here is the summary of the new teams' big wins.

  • Louisville lost 6-0.  Matt Maloney gave up 4 runs in 5.2 innings.  Chris Burke was 2-4 with 2 doubles, Zack Cozart was 1-3 with a double and walk, and Juan Francisco added a double of his own.  Unfortunately there was only one hit besides that.  Up Next: Chad Reineke starts at 7:05.
  • Carolina, Lynchburg, and Dayton are all on their all-star breaks, and won't return until Thursday.
  • Billings came out with a bang, winning 11-3.  There was lots of offense in this one.  Yorman Rodriguez was 3-5, Donald Lutz was 3-4 with a triple and home run, Trey Manz, Tucker Barnhart, Oliver Santos, and Jefry Sierra each added two hits of their own.  Billy Hamilton contributed a triple.  Daniel "Thundering" Tuttle threw 5 innings, allowing just 1 run.  Up Next: Daniel Corcino starts at 9:05.
  • AZL Reds won 9-3.  Juan Silva was 3-4 with a triple and homer, recent draftee Dominic D'Anna was 3-4, and Yovan Gonzalez was 3-4.  There was lots of other offense too.  Daryl Thompson made a rehab start, throwing 3 shutout innings.  Up Next: Kyle Lotzkar will start at 9:00.  After a long, long time out from injury, it's going to be interesting to see how Kyle does.