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Winners in Life, Winners of Books

Just over 4 months ago, I put out a challenge to Red Reporters to give blood at your local blood bank or hospital. In return, I promised to give away copies of The Wire-to-Wire Reds to 3 lucky readers who did their part. Well, we didn't get as many names as I had hoped, but we did get 10 people to submit their name to the list. I'd like to publicly acknowledge those people for their heroic act. Yes, giving blood is a simple task, but it is an easy way to help save the life of someone you may not ever meet. So please join me in thanking Charlie Scrabbles, 3 Fast 3 Furious (twice), ken, Red Moskau, riverfront76, Gray, bbjones, Jonathan Sickinger, OHSnap, and the finest muffins for their donations. Unfortunately, I only have 3 books to give or else I'd happily send books to all of you as a thanks.

I know there are others out there who gave but did not register for the contest. I am thankful to you all too. If you've never given blood, I once again want to encourage you to give a try. It can be a scary thing to do, especially if you have an aversion to needles, but let me tell you that it's not as painful as you might think. The pain is brief when they put the needle in, and typically only feels like a dull jab. Other than that, you get to put your feet up for an hour and do nothing, and afterward they give you cookies and juice for your efforts. In many ways, it's a lot like kindergarten all over again. If you want to do it, but need someone to help you through it, email me and I'll gladly join you!

Now, on to the prize giving! I took the 10 names from above and put them in a hat. I shuffled the names around and drew these three winners: 3 Fast 3 Furious, OHSnap, and Jonathan Sickinger. Congratulations to all 3 of you! You will receive a copy of The Wire-to-Wire Reds in the mail, as soon I as email you and get your address. For those that didn't win, you can still purchase copies at or at your local bookstore.

Speaking of which, I will be at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Rookwood tonight at 7pm with John Erardi as we discuss the book and sign copies. I hope you'll come out and see us! By the way, did I mention the book makes a great Father's Day gift?