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Red Reposter - The Complete Beginner's Guide to Following First Place Baseball

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Red Reposter's "Vottofornia Uber-Alles," a service of the National Vottoholics Anti-Defamation League, who remind us "We don't have a problem and shut up and Reds rule": 4 (Scoreless innings pitched by the bullpen and hits recorded by Joey Votto during last night's victory)

Hall o' Famer Hall compares the atmosphere during last night's barnburner to that of a playoff game
Truly, the game was a stirring tour de force. Peter Travers called it "A fiercely entertaining romp - as if Frank Capra had risen from the grave and was handing out fireworks at a concert for an Alice in Chains tribute band." As head of casting, Jocketty's acquisitions over the last year are looking more inspired by the day - and more suggestive of a play-off caliber team. I can't quite get over the fact that the Reds still have the likes of Chapman, Volquez, Burton and Bray waiting in the wings.

The Reds are catching some glare from the national spotlight
Mike Leake is above the fold in the USA Today sports section, while the New York times was in attendance for last night's game, yielding a Rolen-centric post in the NYT "Bats" blog. Will the Reds keep their mostly squeaky-clean image - or be found stumbling drunk out of Tenjune with a 46-year old "producer?"

Dusty Baker called it the "best game"
Probably at the behest of our own Brendanukkah I would imagine. While I hate to see Cueto struggle so mightily, given the opponent, perceived stakes and dramatic fashion of the victory, I have to agree. Tony LaRussa had some exceedingly graceful things to say on the subject of Scott Rolen: "He's healthy and we have seen that. He's an outstanding player when he's healthy. He's playing outstanding for them. Probably their manager's getting more out of him than I did. I know people are going to speculate that and it's probably true. I'm sure it's true. When he's healthy -- and he's healthy - he's an outstanding player."

Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports witnessed Aroldis Chapman's start last night
and was surprised by what he saw: "...a funny thing happened: Chapman slowed down.  Indeed, for the rest of the game he was consistently at 93-94 m.p.h., only rarely ticking it up any higher.  When his velocity first declined Mark and I wondered if something was wrong with him. But then it became apparent: Chapman wasn't throwing. He was pitching." It appears Chapman and the staff in Lousville are making efforts to address the very problems scouts had observed earlier in the year: lack of pacing, gameplan and inability to leverage offspeed pitches.

OMGReds brings the whimsy
A FoxSportsOhio graphical gaffe is probably really a Freudian split. I think we would all would like to see Jonny Gomes close out a baseball game, because hopefully this would also mean the Reds had clinched a playoff spot.

Fayblog gives us a Bailey update
"Homer Bailey said he’ll be back in the rotation right after the club completes this road."  What road, we're not sure. But to extend Fay's unintentional metaphor, Bailey is on Highway 61, the Reds are on oh let's say Highway 1, and it's my guess that Homer is less than thrilled about it.

Baker weighed in on the bullpen moves and Votto's return
Though it's far from explicit, it sounds as though Burton is not far from a return to the big leagues, likely taking Ondrusek's spot in the 'pen. I do feel for Mike Lincoln, who avoided media contact yesterday: "He doesn’t complain or alibi," Baker said. "Last year, he had that neck problem. He’s been on the DL so much in his career that last thing he wants to do is go back on the DL." As TLR attests, Baker's compassionate player-centric management style isn't just some urban legend. The man's a good boss to work under, even if the company's coffers haven't always been flush.

A double dose of whimsy from OMGReds
Witness the instant-heart-attack-inducing,  made-for-sketch-comedy Fifth Third Burger: "The Nantucket Baking Company in Grand Rapids starts with one pound of dough and makes an 8-inch sesame seed bun to serve as the base for this burger. The bun is then topped with five, yes five, one-third pound hamburger patties, a cup of chili, five slices of American cheese, a mound of salsa, a few spoons full of nacho cheese and some tortilla chips. The burger is then finished off with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. Adding your own jalapenos, ketchup or mustard is optional." There's also video of Dayton Dragons farmhand Mark Fleury taking the Fifth Third Burger Challenge.

Drew Sutton is finding success as a jack of all trades
From the Bats' site: "Since coming to the Cincinnati Reds organization by way of a trade early last season, Drew Sutton has played almost every position across the diamond. After primarily playing second base during his four years in the Houston Astros farm system, the 26-year-old Sutton has logged starts this season at five different positions, including spots in both the infield and outfield." A switch-hitter with some pop, Sutton is tailor-made for a super-utility role, though Cairo's exemplary play last week may keep Sutton in the minors until injury strikes or rosters expand.

Play Catch on the Field at GABP on June 13th
Relive father-son memories that television implanted in your brain.

Chris Welsh is a half a man without a shrunken version of Eric Davis
From Deadspin's "Intern Horrors," a story from an anonymous former Fox Sports Ohio intern dishes about his experience up in the booth during a fateful bobble-head night.

Feel free to compare and contrast with the following:

Student athletes from 14 Butler County high schools received Joe Nuxhall Memorial Scholarships
Joe's education fund is still giving back. It's hard to think on the Old Lefthander without getting something in my eye.