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Red Reposter Sabermetric Saturday: Pitchf/x pitfalls, power correlates, and breaking down the running game

The Internet cried a little when you wrote that on it | Hardball Times

Mike Fast wrote a nice article this week warning about common ways to misinterpret pitchf/x data. This isn't just for the hard core pitchf/xer--the availability of pitchf/x data on fangraphs, Texasleaguers, etc, lets all of us look at these raw data and try to extract trends. he points out some of the many common problems: calibration issues with location, movement, and velocity, as well as interpretation of release points. He also tells you ways that you can check for these problems and identify them when they occur.


What Power Means -- Visualizing the intricacies of power hitters. - Beyond the Box Score
Very interesting exploration of power hitting, and relationships between home run rate and other events. Home run hitters apparently do not hit more doubles and triples than weaker hitters (maybe 'cause they're slower?). But they do walk more. And strike out more.


Does the stretch cost a pitcher fastball speed? | Hardball Times

It turns out that pitching from the stretch does not deprive a pitcher of fastball velocity.  I'm surprised.


The Baseball Analysts: Bimodal Distributions

Jeremy continues to look at pitch command, this time focusing on pitchers who are best at hitting the corners and avoiding pitches down the middle of the plate.


Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Q&A: Davey Lopes
I'm not sure if this counts as sabermetric, but this is a terrific interview with Davey Lopes on base-stealing. We could probably assign numbers to everything he says and run it through game theory if you like...