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Red Reposter - After the Flood

The Red Reposter "Numbered Days," a joint co-production with Red Square. "Whether you're in a hermetically sealed coffin in the middle of Moscow, or a hermetically sealed online community, make it Red": 1 (Number of pitchers in the bullpen with a WHIP below 1.45. The Reds bullpen allows a lot of runners on base - and inherited baserunners to score.)

It's a slow news day. The scribes are weary and the team, I can only imagine, is all in for a revitalizing spa treatment. Call your family, wash your dog, read that March 2010 issue of the New Yorker that you don't want to read. 

Hall o' Famer Hal wished the Reds had invoked the mercy rule last night
Kuroda's good, which is why I made him a member of my fakeantasy Losantiville Zephyrs and hedged against my fandom by starting him. Do I get banned now????? One of the few bright spots last night was Jordan Smith's debut performance: "He threw strikes and had good velocity (94 miles an hour) and movement," said Baker. "That’s what we remember from spring training and hopefully he can help us." And he just might, but it's highly doubtful the bullpen overhaul is limited to spinning the revolving door of relief pitchers on the 40-man roster

Mark Sheldon, like the rest of us, didn't want to spill too much ink on last night's game
Dusty Baker's wisdom is instructive here: "The main thing is we just have to forget this game. We need a good pitched game tomorrow, definitely. We used Micah for a lot of pitches from the bullpen tonight and used Daniel for a lot of pitches. Hopefully we can jump on Kershaw tomorrow." I realize Herrera was being used out of role in a mop-up capacity last night, but the fact remains that having lefty specialist in a bullpen is limiting enough without that pitcher also struggling to get lefties out. Since DRH still has options, he might be the next to be sent down if the Reds decide to put Maloney or Wood in the pen. 

Harang sez:

"I didn't feel like I could get into a rhythm. I'd get two strikes on them and I couldn't find that pitch to put them away. When you throw a lot of pitches in the first inning, it's going to wear on you, especially when it's as warm and muggy as it was." Red Reporter's DC Bureau has witnessed firsthand the effects of humidity on Harang.

Former Miami Redhawk John Ely pitches against the Reds on Thursday
Ely represents the proud tradition of a Miami men who, for probably centuries, the vast majority of which have resisted the urge to pee on an exhibit in the Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Even with its convenient positioning next to Great American Ballpark, I'm certain this tradition will be upheld on Thursday. (And I'm sure John Ely is a fine young man.)

Forbes calls Jocketty "Baseball's Best General Manager"
Forbes taking its cues from the Lexington Herald-Leader again. Best GM? Jocketty's moves have certainly borne more fruit than the Mariner's Zduriencik, who everyone had declared a genius in the offseason. But the jury's still out until the success is at least sustained through a full season of competitive baseball.    

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Reds might be in on Cliff Lee
It would be one of the best single, conceivable deadline moves the Reds could make in a bid to take the division, but I'm skeptical the ownership would want to take on the remainder of Lee's salary, given paltry attendance returns so far, while giving up the prospects required for a half-year rental.