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Red Reposter - The BeeP (Hopefully) Rolls On, Bullpen Rumors Abound

Red Reposter's Numberwang! brought to you by Numberwang!  The maths quiz that's simply everyone!  - .272/.354/.474 - Jay Bruce's slash line through 260 PAs so far this season.  I figured going into Spring Training this year that Bruce would be the lynch pin of the offense.  If he could break out and start hitting like the wunderkind he is, this team could go places.  Turns out everyone else is drinking the electric lemonade too, but it's really reassuring to see Bruce hitting as well as he is.  I still think he has a ways to go, which is really saying something, because that is a damn fine line no matter who you are. 

  • Walt Jocketty says he hasn't heard anything yet on Brandon Phillips' MRI
    but he didn't expect to unless it was something serious. Dr. Poking Stick said he should be ready to go in "the next day or two". That's good news.

  • You know, I'm actually pretty happy that the bullpen is the most glaring weakness on this team
    It means all the most important areas are pretty well covered. That bodes well going forward, right? But the 'pen could use a spit-shine and a coat of paint, so they are looking at possibly bringing along Travis Wood or Matt Maloney. I think I'd rather see Wood, as his knockout change up is the best overall pitch either of them have. I still think they are going to need one more shut down set-up guy though, and it looks like that is only going to be available via trade.

  • FanGraphs is running a series on what each team should be doing with the trade deadline approaching
    Our nerdy little brother in Pittsburgh doesn't have much to trade, which is a good thing, because I think the fans are tired of watching any of and all their decent players being sent off. Of particular interest to us is their bullpen, where Octavio Dotel could be had for a modest fee. Unfortunately for us, Dotel kinda smells. Pass. Chad Qualls could be available from the Diamondbacks though.  And I think he could be a good pick up. He's had a bad-luck-BABIP kind of year, but his peripherals look good!

  • John Sickels at Minor League Ball likes what he sees from the Reds draft
    "I like the Grandal selection, and a lot of scouts think LaMarre will blossom as he gets further past the injury. Neither Lohman nor Greene will be stars, but both have a good shot at being major league contributors. The three high school pitchers would be great to add to the system if they can sign them: Reds fans should be happy if two of them come to terms, though they will all need substantial bonuses. Vidal's bat is intriguing, but the ninth and tenth round picks look like stretches. Overall I think this is a good class, with a nice mixture of talents and backgrounds...if they can get some of that high school pitching inked."

  • Kevin Goldstein isn't as impressed as Sickels is
    saying "Much of the success of this draft could end up revolving around Grandal, as the remainder of the Reds’ selections were predictable, if not out-and-out boring." I think this is excruciating lazy, as you could say the same thing about every other team in the league. The Reds drafted a mix of polished, college athletes and high-upside high schoolers, which I guess is predictable and boring.  But everyone else did the same thing!  You know, they probably should have gone out and drafted a pair of Hooters waitresses. That would have been exciting!

  • At the beginning of the season
    baseball was (and still is) brimming with talented, young, promising CF prospects. Our very own Drew Stubbs was (and still is) among those discussed in conversations regarding the heir-apparent to the CF keystone. Satchel Price at BtB discusses why so many of these prospects have failed to make good on all that talent, youth, and promise. Long story short, he needs to walk more or strike out less. I'm confident he can with time, buoyed by the confidence he's gaining hitting lower in the order.

  • The Sporting News power rankings have the Reds coming in at #10
    Which is down from #7 last week because they embarrassed themselves and their parents by losing 2 of 3 to the Royals.