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Red Reposter - Hawkeye and Hot Lips Should Be Attending to the Various Injured Reds, but Some of Our Younger Readers Don't Get That Reference

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Red Reposter's We Can't Stop It! sponsored by BP.  Just as the oil giant seems powerless to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, opposing pitchers seem powerless to stop our BP.  - 31/67 - Brandon Phillips' hits and at-bats over his current 15-game hitting streak.  If he were to maintain that pace over a 162 game season, he would end up with 335 hits and probably some kind of record.  I am absolutely loving him hitting in the 2 spot.  I never figured him for a good fit in that position due to all the GIBP, but I think he's really reformed his approach since making the switch.  25 of those 31 hits are singles, so perhaps he's out of the clean-up hitter mindset that had him swinging out of his shoes so much over the past few years.

Reds M*A*S*H Report:

  • Homer sez "soccer is a Communist sport"
    See, this is the kind of journalism Fay misses out on when he holds grudges.

    Anyway, as you may recall, Homer was taken out of a Sunday afternoon game (seemingly against his wishes) a few weeks ago with a bit of shoulder tightness and placed on the DL. He complained a bit about it, saying he was fine and wasn't expecting to be treated so gingerly. He was frustrated again when the Reds sent him to AAA for a rehab assignment instead of just activating him straight away. He was roughed up a bit in the rehab start, but he said he felt fine. A few days later though, he reported some soreness.

    Uh oh.

    "Wish I knew what was wrong," he said. "I threw the rehab game and the next day there was some pretty weird soreness going on. Nothing went on during the rehab game - I was throwing 94 to 96 and I felt great. The next day I went to throw a ball and it didn’t feel so good. "It hurts in places I never hurt before, all in the shoulder area," he said. "I’ve never had arm or shoulder problems. So we’re trying to figure out what caused it and how to go about healing it. We’re just in that type of process. What makes it tougher is that I’ve never been through anything like this, so I don’t know."

    He says they haven't talked about surgery (yet), and you have to assume this is just a weird strain or something. That being said, a pitcher like Homer complaining of shoulder soreness is enough to send even the most sensible, rational, and good-looking fanbase into a panic. I suppose we'll know more in a week.  Sigh.

  • If Brandon Phillips were a Red Communist and played soccer instead of baseball
    he'd be rolling around on the field holding his leg and screaming like a Godless little baby. Lucky for us he chose the good American path. Even so, he sat out Sunday's game with a cramp. He first felt the cramp on May 27th when he was pinch-hit for late in the game. He's been playing through the pain for a few weeks and it finally caught up to him. He'll get an MRI today. "Certainly you can’t afford to lose Brandon for 10 days to two weeks," Dusty said after the game. "Hopefully having an off-day helps, too."

  • On the opposite end of the arm injury rainbow
    Edinson Volquez pitched a wiz of a game in his first rehab start. He threw 44 pitches in 3 scoreless innings for hi-A Lynchburg. Walt Jocketty says Volquez is basically on a 30-day rehab plan to get his arm strength and pitch count up to game shape. He says he's not sure if he will come back as a starter or a reliever, but I have to think with the recent unpleasant news concerning Homer that there could be place for him in the rotation. I'm not sure how wise that is, but I bet the impulse could be strong.

  • Scott Rolen ain't hurt
    but he is also mentioned in today's M*A*S*H report. He sat out Sunday's day-game-after-a-night-game because Dusty wants to ensure he stays off the DL in the first place. Baker also mentioned Orlando Cabrera and Arthur Rhodes as salty old vets who need a rest every now and again. Unfortunately for Cabrera, there aren't any other options at shortstop on the team as it is currently constructed.

  • Ask Hal
    Q: Has Paul Janish done something to offend Dusty Baker? Why else would Baker not play him? — Gerry, Louisville

    A: Not a chance. There isn’t a nicer guy in the world than Janish, and he wouldn’t offend Charles Manson. Here’s the deal. Do you want Orlando Cabrera’s offense and decent glove or do you want Janish’s sensational glove and offensive deficiencies. I would like to see Baker use Janish more late in games for defense. How about second base? To get Brandon Phillips to take a day off you have to break his leg — and that might not work.

    Q: When the Reds made the trade for Scott Rolen, I heard nothing but how bad it was. Has he proved everybody wrong yet? — Mark, Columbus

    A: Guilty as charged. I thought his age and his injuries made the deal suspect. The best part was getting rid of Edwin Encarnacion, so I didn’t think it was all bad. I never dreamed Rolen would be what he is — the team’s best player right now and a granite-solid leader.

  • Hard Luck Sam LeCure has faced Chris Carpenter, Matt Cain, and Zack Greinke in his last three outings
    and he's been bested each time by a complete-game gem. "I view it as a good challenge to me because I plan on playing this game for a long time," LeCure said. "In order to be considered a legitimate pitcher, you've gotta go out and beat those guys and prove that you can." Gosh, he's an upbeat kid. I wonder if anyone has told him he's scheduled to face Felix Hernandez in his next start.

  • The Reds are good in ways that aren't even good measures of what is good
    Entering this weekend, Brandon Phillips, Jonny Gomes, Scott Rolen, and Joey Votto are all hitting over .300. There are only 11 other regulars in the National League who can say that.  You can't front on that.

  • Slyde talked to FanHuddle Reds Blog about his book
    It's a really enlightening interview, as I've wondered about all these questions myself but never had the nerve to ask. I guess I'll never get a girl to go to the Springtime Pumpkin Dance with me. Here's a few snippets:

    "Are there some parts of the book you wrote, and others John wrote? How can we tell which is which?"
    "I wrote most of the breakouts – the pages in red – except for the two that were written by Justin Merry and Greg Gajus. I also wrote four of the chapters, though I’m not going to point them out. It is my hope that we did a good enough job blending our styles that you can’t easily tell who wrote what. John is a MUCH better writer than I am, and some of that blending occurred because he went through my writing and added his voice in certain spots, but I really made an effort to try to keep my writing in the flow of his style. I’ll let you guys decide if it works."

    "If someone offered you a chance to write another book, what would it be about?"
    "I’m definitely planning to give it another go at writing a book on my own. I haven’t locked down on an idea yet, but I have a few floating around in my head. It’ll most assuredly be baseball related, and probably will be Cincinnati or Reds focused. But I’ve also got a new baby coming in August, so I doubt any new projects will be in production before the end of the year. Then again, if the 2010 team keeps surprising us, it may be a busy off-season…"