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Red Reposter - Phunny Photo Phriday

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Red Reposter's "This Date in the Glorious History of BP" (Think of a better name for this later - Rijo Sabocasey, WKRP). August 29, 2006 (Last time Brandon Phillips had a .300+ average this late into the season.)

Hall o' Famer Hal takes the pulse of the Reds clubhouse
The mental atmosphere is positive, confident, reflective and a little bit pusillanimous, maybe? Masset offers a level-headed take on his struggles, while Brandon Phillips brings the bravado:

"I DON’T NEED a day off, just don’t want one," he said. "I’m here to play. What if today is the last game I’ll ever play and I miss it. The only time I’ll take off is if I’m struggling real bad and I need to clear my head. I’d just rather play every day. Right now, I don’t need my head cleared and I don’t need a day off. Only if I’m really messed up."

Also, Ondrusek's fastball is back into the mid-nineties after having a noticeable dip in velocity in his first stint with the club. Despite the bullpen freakout, it's still possible that del Rosario and/or Ondrusek could settle in as effective contributors.

Edinson Volquez will make his first minor-league rehab start with Class A Lynchburg on Saturday
50 days of a PED suspension really fly by when you're winning baseball games. The debate is already raging as to when (early or late) and where (bullpen or rotation), Volquez will end up. Each track has its virtues and vices.

Lexington luvs Walt Jocketty
The Lexington Herald-Leader gives copious credit to Walt Jocketty, whose mantra is apparently "that's interesting," as the architect of these first place Reds. If you get a chance to read this one, I really hope the caption under the picture of Jocketty and Joe Morgan still reads: "South African soccer supporters blow their "vuvuzelas" — a type of plastic trumpet — during the street parade to wish the national team good luck in Johannesburg on Wednesday. Host South Africa will play its World Cup Group A opening match against Mexico on Friday, the first match of the event." 

Reds' Harang impressed scouts during his last outing
John Fay talked to two scouts about Aaron Harang. "That’s the best I’ve seen him in two years," said one. Fire up the rumor mill and get Thundering Turtle back in the war room, because A-ron's moving up the draft board. I just hope the Brooklyn Bridegrooms don't take him before our pick comes up.

Harang looked a little lost two starts a go against the Nationals, but it may have been the swamp-like humidity. If the erstwhile ace can locate like he did against the Giants, his ability to miss bats at a decent rate and keep his walks down could yet bring about that long-expected return to form.

Phillips leading off is a passing fad
Despite arguably being the best available man for the job, Phillips will return to the 2-spot with Cabrera re-installed straight away. I'm not sure why it's so hard to imagine Phillips hitting first, considering he did it under Jerry Narron.

Book whore Joel Luckhaupt talked to Redleg Nation Radio
The media circus rolls on. I can only imagine the kind of hotel-trashings and green room bacchanals that Erardi and Slyde have been perpetrating on this press tour.

The Des Moines Register writes up 2010 Reds draftee of interest Lucas O'Rear
O'Rear is a junior forward on the U. of Northern Iowa basketball team. He's an intriguing story, though tell me if he doesn't sound entirely committed to being a professional baseballer:

If he signs a baseball contract, he will likely play with the Reds' Rookie League team in Billings, Mont. He will focus on baseball then."You kind of have to," he said. "They're paying you money to play, so you better get after it. Of course, I'll have to maintain basketball shape and get out to the gym to get some shots up."

Cabrera is looking forward to interleague play
Because he played in the American League for a long time. Get it?

Three packs of Cincinnati Reds baby onesies exist
Do you have three babies? Or two babies and you like one of them more than the other? Or one baby who needs baseball wardrobe options? Then these "Red" hot threepacks may be just the product for you. I know we have a number of new parents in the reading audience who are eager to indoctrinate Reds fandom in their progeny. I can think of no better way to start than these "bodysuits."

Designs for the new Marlins stadium include aquariums built into the backstop
Fans of Miami Vice, of which Florida Marlins fans area a small sub-group, will feel right at home in this mixed-use 1980s bachelor pad and baseball park. Don Ho Stadium Designs has some beautiful conceptual drawings. It's going to be a pretty slick venue for Michael Stanton to crush moon shots or clap his hands to make the heart-shaped bed start vibrating and a No Jacket Required cassette play automatically.