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The only thing that can bring joy to Reds fans is a picture of Shaq and a panda. Reds lose, 14-4.



Full disclosure: I wrote this before the game ended, so if the score changes, I'm sorry.  You get the general gist of the night, though.

Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Starlin Castro.  The 20 year old shortstop who was just called up for today's game played very well and had 6 RBI, the most by any player in his debut in MLB history.

Chicago Curse Goat of the Game

The rain.  The torrential storm that was forecast and we all felt in our bones never materialized, and so we were able to get this game in.  Thanks so bloody much, pleasant weather!

Key Plays

  • Mike Fontenot hit a grand slam.  Jesus Christ!

Win Expectancy



Other Notes