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Red Reposter - ...My Kingdom for a Lead Off Man That Can Freakin' Get on Base

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If the CF can't lead off, you know it's gotta be either the SS or the 2B.
If the CF can't lead off, you know it's gotta be either the SS or the 2B.

Red Reposter's Take a Number, brought to you by Katzinger's Deli.  Katzinger's Deli: It smells like meat in here!  - .228 -  The Reds collective OBP from the leadoff spot so far this season.  No surprise, it's the worst in the majors.  

  • Is Brandon Phillips the answer to the Reds' lead off woes?
    In a word: no. It has become increasingly obvious that something needs to be done since Drew Stubbs is struggling so much, but this team is so bereft of hitters who can get on base that no one else looks appreciably better. It seems likely that Dusty will go with BeeP and Lando in the 1-2 spots, in no particular order, but that will do little more than induce a chorus of yawns from RR. The long and short of it is that this team is bad at getting on base, and they began the year relying heavily on the success of Drew Stubbs (or, to a lesser extent, Chris Dickerson). That hasn't worked out.

  • Aaron Gleeman at Hardball Talk says he agrees with Jocketty re: Drew Stubbs
    Jocketty says Stubbs "needs to works it out on the major league level", rather than be sent down to Louisville. Here's Gleeman's take: "Stubbs isn't a great prospect, but because the Reds are unlikely to be much better than .500 this season finding out how he and other young players fit into the team's long-term plans is key. He's also 25 already, so another stint at Triple-A doesn't figure to do much good given that he played 126 games there during the previous two seasons."

  • Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting 2010: Chris Heisey, Cincinnati Reds | - Fantasy Sports Blog
    The Reds outfielder has been labeled one who lacks glaring tools, but he is a good athlete who can play all three outfield spots and averaged 25 steals a season from 2007 to '09. Furthermore, Heisey has been successful on 91.4 percent of his base-stealing opportunities since the start of the 2008 season.

  • Cincinnati Reds' All African-American Team | Bleacher Report
    This is a neat series running over at Bleacher Report, where Cliff Eastham is assembling All African-American squads for each team.

  • Fay says they haven't really figured anything out about Jared Burton
    He went on the DL for a "lack of strength", which is one of those diagnoses that should sound the alarm. But Jocketty says he's feeling great now and just needs to build up his arm. He'll keep working out and eventually go on a rehab assignment. Here's hoping everything is ok and he returns to the Reds 'pen soon. I guess we'll see.

  • Saturday June 5th, Washington DC
    Aroldis Chapman faces off against Stephen Strasburg in an epic showdown of the game's best pitching prospects.

    It could happen, I guess, but it seems unlikely.'s almost too incredible to resist, huh? I don't think either pitcher will in the majors before them, but here's what Jocketty has to say about Chappy's progress:

    "He has improved. [Special assistant] Mario Soto has told me he's improved each time out," Jocketty said. "He still needs to get better command of some of his pitches. He needs to be more efficient. He's still learning the whole game -- the backing up bases and things like that. "He's got to get into the sixth and seventh innings, throwing 100-110 pitches."

  • Will Ferrell ejected from minor league debut after one pitch - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
    Call me crazy, but he may just have a future in this game.

  • The Pulitzer Prize winning writers over at Deadspin investigated the rumor that Cubs utility man Jeff Baker
    sat out a few games due to injuries incurred while trying to light one his farts on fire. The rumor turns out to be false. Baker was sitting because he's in a platoon. The rumor about Carlos Silva burning his pitching hand while playing with matches is totally true, as is the one about Aramis Ramirez going to the hospital because he drank too much Pop Rocks and Coke.

  • SI power rankings have the Reds up to 16 this week
    "The Reds are the anti-Mets. While New York, as documented above, hasn't shown an ability to make comebacks, Cincinnati has won nine of its 14 games in the final at bat, including two home runs in extra innings to beat Mets this week. Laynce Nix homered in the 11th on Monday, and Orlando Cabrera homered in the 10th on Wednesday. The Reds are 4-0 in extra innings and 7-4 in one-run games."

  • Justin's robot-generated power rankings have the Reds at 22
    I don't like your robots, Justin.

  • I wrote up a preview for the upcoming series with the Cubs for The View from the Bleachers
    Check it out.