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Red Reposter - Philadelphia Makes Baseball Not So Fun Anymore

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Red Reposter's Red Meat brought to you by Big Montana Mike's Steakhouse and Baked Potatery.  "Big Montana Mike's:  It smells like meat in here." - 2.31 - Aroldis Chapman's K/BB ratio so far this season.  He has 30 Ks and 13 BBs in 26 total innings.  He's striking out more than a batter an inning, which is spectacular, but a 4.5 BB/9 is kinda troubling.  I'd really like to see him get that down around 3 before he gets The Call.

  • The big story today is the Phillie phan who ran out on the field
    and was tasered by security. The kid is only 17 so they aren't releasing his name, but the picture to the right has been seen by millions of eyes already this morning. It raises some concerning issues that rarely rear their ugly heads in our escapist dream world of sports revelry.

    Firstly, is this really an appropriate response from the authorities in such an event? Running out onto the field, while silly, is still as much a sporting tradition as getting fighting drunk or heckling the opposing team. Sure it's juvenile, but it's harmless and good for a laugh (especially if your team is being humiliated). Using a taser to stop this guy seems like brutal and excessive force. What's wrong with the chase-'em-down-and-tackle-'em technique that has been used for ages? That's the best part! Tasering the guy makes it much more serious.

    Of course, that's not even the most concerning aspect of this whole drama. Using the taser got me thinking of something much more dire. What if someone were to run out onto the field at a game with much more malicious intentions than winning a bet? Our Houses of Sports Worship are most vulnerable targets for such an attack. How can we stop something like that? The stark realization I came to is that a taser, while seemingly brutal when used on a stupid kid, is next to useless in stopping someone more devious. There is nothing we can do to stop such a thing from happening, unless we treat our ball fields like airports, that is.

  • Mike Leake was satisfied with his performance last night
    but says he can do better. "They got underneath my balls for the most part," Leake said. "I didn't get as many groundballs as I hoped to. It seemed like they liked the low ball. They dropped their hands down to it tonight. Francoeur was a good example in the second. I had to mix and match a little more today." His ERA is now down to 2.94.

  • Nick Masset had a good night last night
    pitching two scoreless innings. He's been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Run-and-Hide-When-He-Comes-to-the-Mound-Because-He's-Gonna-Blow-the-GD-Game so far this year, so hopefully this performance can lead to some stability. "This can be a confidence booster for me," he said. "This has been roller coaster year for me so far. But I’ve felt great. I go out there and give it my all. Everything is working well. It’s matter of executing and getting the job done."

  • Tim Dierkes at MLBTR has the payroll breakdown for next year
    The bottom line is that even if the Reds decline to re-up any of their free agents-to-be and decline all club options, they will only have ~$10 mil to work with. If this team is going to give us the 2011 playoff appearance for which we've been holding our collective breath, the next 6-8 months are going to be critical.

  • Chris Dickerson had surgery yesterday to repair his wrist
    The prognosis looks decent, as he is only expected to miss four to six weeks. God speed, Mr. Lorax!

  • RLN passing this along from Baseball Prospectus
    Devin Mesoraco and Neftali Soto are donning the tools of ignorance in Lynchburg, and each has impressed so far this season. If either or both of these guys work out it would be a major plus for this organization.

  • Former Reds' #2 hitter/SS Alex Gonzalez is showing unprecedented power to start this season
    smacking eight homers so far while piling up 1.3 WAR. To compare, Orlando Cabrera has accumulated -0.2 WAR so far this year, as he's been just a shade under replacement-level. Now, I'm not saying the Reds should have re-signed Gonzo instead of Lando, but damn if it isn't frustrating. You can rest assured though that he won't keep up this pace, as he's striking out at an alarming rate, not walking at all, and won't hit 40+ homers. So there's that.

  • The Sporting News has their latest power rankings
    and the Reds come in at #21, up 7 spots on the strength of the road trip. We should play the Astros more often.

  • Al Yellon at Bleed Cubbie Blue had a chance to interview the imitable Bill James
    Here's a taste:
    "BCB: What’s the next thing about baseball that you don’t know that you’re going to study?
    Bill: College baseball. College baseball a few years ago was an awful spectator sport. I don’t know if you know that. The games just dragged on and it seemed like they were deliberately disrespectful to the fans. It seems like it’s a lot closer to being a spectator sport now and I think it might catch on."