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Red Reposter - Sweet LeCure, Nasty Brons, and a Strength-of-Schedule-aided Run to First Place

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CNATI takes a look at  inter-generational success on the 2010 Reds
Toasting the resurgence of both the Jay Bruce and Scott Rolen ends of the aging spectrum and sounding like a Red Reporter sister publication: "They have been extraordinarily productive -- perhaps unsustainably productive -- with two outs and a runner in scoring position, and their power numbers have certainly been aided by a hitter-friendly ballpark and warm weather. But only one semi-regular position player is hitting significantly above his previous levels (backup catcher Ryan Hanigan) which suggests the offense is not a fluke."

Sam LeCure, one of "Three Imaginary Boys," drops his debut tonight
John Fay traces LeCure's sub-rosa career arc. Lost in the back-lighting of Chapman, Bailey, Cueto and even Wood and Maloney, LeCure has quietly assembled a very respectable minor league resume, becoming the unlikely ace this year of a Louisville staff that features at least three other MLB-bound starters with higher perceived prospect status.

Bronson Arroyo had a chinwag with some adoring fans yesterday
Or at least had some good question vetters. Some highlights, one is made up:

RampantRedsFan: Bronson, you seem to be very knowledgable about the art of pitching. After your great career is over will you consider coaching?

Bronson_Arroyo: I will not be doing anything in the game of baseball but watching when I'm done.

mualum78: Hi Bronson - Great game last night! We all know you can hit and last night you were called upon to bunt twice and put it down well both times. Why do you think you are such a good bunter? Not all guys can do that. Thanks!

Bronson_Arroyo: I'm not such a good bunter, but sometimes you get in a groove where you see the ball well and it's easy to put down.

RedsRuleandAreTheUltimate: Hi, I was wondering if I could send you some money. I know you have a lot, but I'm sure that maintaining a boat and paying a slip fee is expensive. Also, what's your favorite kind of money?

Bronson_Arroyo: OK. Just PayPal me, that's the easiest way. I don't use cash much, but when I do, it's twenty.

kwirges: Have you ever sought autographs from anyone - and if so - what is your most prized autograph?

Bronson_Arroyo: I get musicians and my Eddie Vedder bottle of wine is my most prized possession. He and I both took a swig out of it and then I corked it.

ta24: What is your favorite flavor of sunflower seeds?

Bronson_Arroyo: I usually don't eat them but if I do, original.

Redleg Nation asks: "Should the Reds bring Bronson Arroyo back in 2011?"
"This is the last year of his contract, and Arroyo is 33 years old, and the Reds have a nice group of young pitchers, so there has been a general consensus that Arroyo won’t be re-signed." Here's this Reposter's take: Arroyo's option could be as much as $13MM for next year, depending on his innings pitched this year. That's obviously too much for a lower mid-market team like the Reds to shell out on a 33 year old pitcher when they have a good pipeline of young pitching talent. However, they have a pretty high-risk pool of talent if they go all youth next year. A restructured, contract of two guaranteed years ('11 and '12) for a total base salary of $16MM over those two years is worth considering for a durable innings-eater whose outputs are pretty well-known.  Also, I just like the idea of having Arroyo stick around when the team gets competitive. There's been pretty dramatic turnover on the team in recent years and it's nice to root for a long-tenured Red. He also makes a good slack/grunge rock tandem with Mike Leake, which adds an element of psychological humiliation for opponents - a la the early-90s Phillies.

The Philadelphia Daily News looks back at the '57 All Star Game ballot stuffing
"When the Phillies had five players leading at their positions in the first All-Star balloting results released this week, it inevitably recalled 1957 when eight Cincinnati Reds were voted into the starting NL lineup: second baseman Johnny Temple, shortstop Roy McMillan, third baseman Don Hoak, catcher Ed Bailey and outfielders Frank Robinson, Gus Bell and Wally Post."

Red Hot Mama bids a fond farewell to Ryan Freel
We already kinda wrote a little love letter at the Reposter, but Red Hot Mama does a better job here.

College Baseball is experimenting with a shot clock
The SEC will begin using a scoreboard-mounted clock during bases-empty game situations in order to accelerate play. Presumably, if there is a shot clock violation, the defense will turn the ball over, creating an perverse incentive.

Roy Oswalt is getting Harang-ed many times over
Resist the urge to take pleasure in the misfortunes of one of this Century's most prolific Reds killahs.