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Red Reposter - Luxuriating on a full game lead in the Central

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As pitchers go, Arroyo is the Eddie Vedder of Andy Ashbys.
As pitchers go, Arroyo is the Eddie Vedder of Andy Ashbys.

[This space purchased by the internet-based FieldTurf (part grass roots, part astro turf) movement to elect Joey Votto to the All Star Game. Check the virtual decal down the scroll, chief. Let's get it done, by any means necessary]

Bronson Arroyo has hit another sweet spot
His ups and downs defy any traditional understanding of pitcher performance, but turning batted balls into outs at critical times is part of the voodoo that helps keep the Speedwagon rolling. And he sounds a little like a 1970s detective with soul: "It happens sometimes you come out of the pen feeling funky but to get that double play the stab up the middle probably turned the entire game around for me." Sheldon sums up the discreet charm of the Arroyo-llercoaster: Arroyo has won four-straight starts and five of his last six. In those six starts, he is 4-0 with a 2.66 ERA. Also big is that his last two wins have followed difficult one-run losses, including that heartbreaker in Atlanta on Thursday. He's been a good guy to have when you need to keep a loss from festering.

You can tell Bronson Arroyo that you appreciate how he keeps losses from festering in a live chat at 3pm today!

CNATI fetes us with another gallery of action shots from last night's victory
Brian Baker of Lacking Focus Photography does it again. Don't be so self-deprecating, Brian. Why not call your company Good Use of Depth of Field and ISO for Dynamic Action Shots Photography. And I'm sure there's a good pun somewhere with Depth of Field (Depth of Field of Dreams?) and ISO (ISOlated Power). Let's get it done!

Tommy John surgery looming for Justin Lehr
This is unfortunate news for a guy who spent two years in the wilderness of the minor leagues, clawing his way back to the majors to pitch some solid innings for the Reds after pitching masterfully last year in Louisville. It's sad to see it happen to anyone, let alone a journeyman whose career was in the midst of an unexpected revival. Tommy John is an increasingly recoverable procedure, so I expect we'll see Lehr battle back.

Still no word on Friday’s starter to replace Homer Bailey
Fay bets on Sam LeCure, given the righty-dominated Houston lineup the Reds will be facing. LeCure has also the lowest ERA among starters in AAA and a Friday start would occur on his normal day. Matt Maloney is also a distinct possibility, as Chapman will be pitching in his spot today. Seems like a toss-up given Maloney's MLB experience, but LeCure's right-handedness may well give him the edge in the cortex of the braintrust.

Drew Stubbs has quietly taken to hitting lower in the order
The Zombie is feasting on brain to the tune of a 914 OPS over the last 15 games. There's no way to prove causation, but moving Phillips to #2 and Stubbs to #7 have to be deemed, thus far, as successful moves by Baker. I'm not a sabor-magician, but if we exterminate these results to their logical asymptrope,  Hitting Stubbs 11th and Phillips zeroth should cause their respective OPSes to cream up over 1,000 or so. You're welcome!

Barry Larkin will represent Reds at the 2010 June Draft
He'll be there when the team makes its first-round and 12th overall selection. The inquiring fan can only hope this is another baby step toward Larkin becoming an official part of the front office.

Baseball-Reference Blog determines the 2010 All-Stars according by WAR
Several entries here are pretty surprising to me, not the least of which that two Nationals are WAR-leaders at their position. But most surprising is that Adrian Gonzalez would get the nod at 1B. The WAR employed by Baseball Reference prefers Adrian's defense, 'cuz Joey has him on AVG, OBP, SLG and wOBA.

Hard Ball Times has the big board for the draft
Delino DeShields, Jr.? What's next, Greg Gagne, the IV? Come on, get it done!

The inimitable UniWatch has a  thorough post on monochrome uniforms
The Reds have had their share, with blue uniforms in the early 1900s and solid red alternate pants in the 30s. I know it would look just terrible, but can we one time see an all red onesie, pajama-style uniform with the backflap?