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Red Reposter - Men for All Season

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Red Reposter's "Dealing Through the Years," underwritten by Oldmanson's Vitality Tonic. Oldmanson's: "This isn't your Grand-uncle's snake oil!"  0.47 (Arthur Rhodes' year to date ERA).

Red Requester: Does anyone have a link to steaming audio of Slyde's radio appearance yesterday in support of Wire to Wire Reds?

Mike Leake, in a word, is a "ballplayer"
If you don't believe me, just check this out: "He's a ballplayer," Baker said. "He can run, field his position, hit. When you've got a good-hitting pitcher like that, if his pitch count is low, you're going to let him hit. He's a competitor." Dusty gets a little carried away in calling Leake one of the best hitters he had in the lineup last night, but a quick glance at his slash line of .353/.389/.412 suggests it's far from an outrageous claim. The Reds again wasted a Leake outing in zany fashion, with Drew Stubbs losing a flyball in the gloaming, but we know he has at least one other starting pitcher to commiserate.

Strasburg D-Day still a puzzle
It was looking like a certainty Strasburg, the Reds and the Red Reporter DC Bureau would all collide June 4th, with the intriguing prospect of a Strasburg vs. Leake showdown, but Jon Heyman is speculating that mid-June may be a more likely target for Strasburg's debut, given the apparent Strasburg Rules. No one would have guessed it to start the season, but Strasburg may be far outpaced in the Rookie Pitcher of the Year Made Up Award race.

Dusty is trying to pace his troops
With the exception of some over-extension of Masset and Cordero, he seems to be doing a pretty decent job. Discussing off days during this grueling stretch of games, Dusty sez:"These guys want to play. That’s what you like. I have to not ask them sometimes. I have to sort of tell them." It's possible that Dusty is deferential to a fault at times, but the players who hate to site like Phillips and Votto are healthy and on the right side of thirty. Cabrera, for his part, seems to demand to be everyday people.

Hal o' Famer Hal has the goods
Including a charming look back at the last Reds rookie to start 5-0, Santo Alcala, whose first line of English was: "My fastball, she is fantastic.  That's not a fastball Santo! <a href="">

Chris Dickerson enjoys and plays the sport of soccer
While his wrist heals, C-Dick is staying in shape by kicking the old skull wrapped in gauze pads around. It's nice to hear that he's excited about the World Cup, but is this really a good idea for an injury prone player?

OMGReds bangs the drum
and fires up the shoddy Photoshop mill in support of Votto's All Star candidacy.

Fayblog takes a look at the draft
Baseball America projects the Reds to select the Imperially-named Christian Colon in the June draft, shortstop out of Cal State Fullerton, though there's been speculation around Moeller HS and Ohio State pitching product Alex Wimmers.

The McPaper sez Reds Chapman has 'a lot to learn' in the minors
Whatever. Who cares, he's awesome.

"Hauls of Shame" lists the Ten Most Wanted Missing Baseball Treasures
I'm not sure why that Chris Stynes' walkoff home run I almost caught was snubbed. In any case, I kinda wish the Reds were called the Losantiville Garter Belts Base Ball Club.

Baseball Reference (now with WAR) counts down the Best Catcher Seasons Since 2000
OK, Joe Mauer is good. Until I saw this, I thought he was terrible.