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Red Reposter - The Reds Try to Move On After a Gut-Wrenching Lost

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Red Reposter's 4 8 15 16 23 42, sponsored in part by Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack.  Keep cluckin' that chicken, Lost fans!  - 16 -  Number of doubles Brandon Phillips has so far on the year, tied for 2nd most in baseball.  I'm quickly starting to believe that putting BeeP in the clean-up spot the past few years was a much, much bigger mistake than I ever believed it was.  I haven't seen him swing out of his shoes once since he made the move to the 2-hole. 

  • Nobody seems all that worried about Homer Bailey's shoulder
    He left the game Sunday after 2 1/3 with a bit of tightness. He wanted to stay in of course, but Baker wasn't going to let that happen. "All players have little aches and pains," (Homer) said. "I don’t think it’s anything major at all. We’re just trying to be really cautious." He'll be evaluated by Dr. Pokeystick today.

  • Aroldis Chapman is also hurt and was scheduled to start this evening against Scranton Wilkes-Barre
    but he will sit because of the blister on his middle finger. Ben Jukich will take his place on the mound. We don't know when Chapman will be back on the bump, but I'm assuming it won't be long.

  • The Fay thinks no matter how non-chalant Bailey is about his shoulder
    he will hit the DL. Because Chapman is dealing with his blister issues, Fay says the Reds could look to Sam LeCure, Matt Maloney, or Travis Wood. They will likely bring up a reliever today and wait until Friday to bring up a starter, so he suggests they go with Enerio Del Rosario for the time being. I also think Bailey will hit the DL, even if it's just precautionary. Homer will be pretty pissed about it, but I think he'll get over it. Personally, I think Sam LeCure has earned a trip north. It will likely be Maloney though, since he already has the big league experience. I'm fine with either one.

  • Should we be worried about Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey?
    Hal cautions that though the team is downplaying all of it, Cueto's blister and Homer's shoulder could be big trouble. Just ask the Cardinals what it's like to lose 2/5 of your rotation at the same time.

  • Daniel Ray Herrera spoke after the game about that deciding pitch to Jhonny Peralta
    "I threw enough screwballs to him that I thought he'd be on it," Herrera said. "I didn't mean for that fastball to be a strike. I didn't get it inside and left it over the plate.  This is really no excuse for it. Lately, I've been called in during key situations to get guys out and I haven't been able to get a clean inning. It's nothing that I've changed. It's just about hitting my spots again." He's allowed 12 hits in his last 4 1/3. Ideally, he should never face a righty like Peralta, but with the bullpen stretched thin yesterday I can understand it. Tough luck for the little guy.

  • Greg Dalfer at Redleg Nation is worried that Dusty might be responsible for Homer's sore shoulder
    "I’m not sure if Baker is referring to six straight starts (for Bailey) of 114+ pitches after the Reds were out of it last fall, his 2nd start of the 2010 season, or his 121-pitch start against St. Louis on May 1st. I call it kind of like a surgery waiting to happen. " I think this is a bit reactionary myself, especially since we don't have any word on what is really wrong with Homer. Even if it ends up being serious, I really don't think this is something that can be blamed on Baker. 121 pitches is the most he has thrown the past two seasons, and since coming up in '09 he has averaged 105 pitches an outing.

  • Ask Hal
    Q Baseball managers are praised as geniuses when they win and condemned as fools when they lose. How much does a manager really contribute to his team’s success? — Keith, Fairborn
    A That’s a much-discussed topic. Remember when Johnny Bench told Sparky Anderson, "Just stay out of the way and we’ll win it for you?" And then there was former Baltimore manager Earl Weaver who often told his team, "Just stay close and I’ll think of something." All a manager can do is fill out his lineup card, make a few game decisions like pitching changes, sacrifices and steals. Mostly it is up to the players. I’ve often heard that a manager makes a difference in games no more than four or five times a year. I don’t know where that figure came from, but I know it wasn’t a manager.

  • Hall o' Famer Hal spins a yarn about the good ol' days, back when baseball at night was as rare as a woman in pantaloons
    Tonight marks the 75th anniversary of the first night game in Major League Baseball. "When Roosevelt pushed the key at 8:30 p.m., signaling MacPhail to flip a switch in Crosley, 632 Mazda lamps of 1,500 watts each lit the dusk-shrouded field, which was even gloomier because of a slightly foggy day, and 20,422 fans cheered. "No pun intended, but there was electricity in the air — on the field, in the stands and in the dugout. Ballplayers did not get blasé. They got fired up, too." — Billy Sullivan, Reds first baseman, May 24, 1935."

    Tonight the Reds will turn back the clock to that evening in 1935. The scoreboard will look as it did 75 years ago and a live organ will be the only music in the park. 700 WLW is offering $1 tickets starting this morning at all GABP ticket windows. This sounds like one helluva a good game to check out. If I lived in Cincy I would be there, no doubt.

  • MLB Bonus Baby, in their latest mock draft, has the Reds taking Kolbrin Vitek from Ball State
    "Though Vitek has been linked exclusively to the Padres three picks earlier, I think he's a natural fit for the Reds. He's athletic enough to move to center field, or they can choose to keep him in the infield at second or third, whichever one fits best for them. They could easily go for college pitching early in the draft for the second year in a row, but don't rule out Vitek from their potential pick list."

  • Jon Heyman at SI ranks the rookies on to-date performance
    and our boy Mike Leake ranks 2nd behind some loser. "GM Walt Jocketty said they couldn't think of sending Leake down to the minors since they wouldn't know what to teach him. Good line, and true, too. The Arizona State product was a rare prospect who was major-league-ready without one day in the minors, and while some have suggested his stuff isn't ace material, he certainly knows how to pitch. He's 4-0 with a 2.91 ERA for the surprising Reds, who are just a half-game out of first."

  • Lima Time has come to an end
    Jose Lima died yesterday of a massive heart attack. He was 37 years old. By all accounts, he was quite a guy and will be missed.