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Red Reposter - And Sad Muzak Filled the Air from Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls

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Red Reposter's "Heart of it All" Stats Bureau bring us the following. The HOIASB: "Our flag is a pennant, does that count?": 2 (Number of major league sports titles won by Ohio teams during the last 30 years. I'm including the Columbus Crew's 2008 MLS Cup Championship, but not the Cleveland Crunch's 3 NPSL championships. Am I cool yet?)

Votto charms us with his charmingly levelheaded take on the upcoming St. Louis series 
I almost got lost in his eyes, somehow during a John Fay blogpost. The Reds are now a mere half-game back in the Central and the Cards look eminently beatable after the Astros series. Famous last words. Even if the Cardinals are able to derail le nouveau machine rouge, it should still be a Baseball Circus of Wonders this weekend. sez the stakes is high, which may overstate the importance of a single series, but they certainly identify Saturday's Wainwright v. Leake tet-a-tet as the most intriguing pitching matchup of the weekend.

OMGReds previews the 1947 throwbacks to be worn by the Reds on Saturday
and the Chuck Harmon mesh jersey being given away on Saturday (gates open at 5:10). The throwbacks have been modernized - that is, the jerseys double knit and the hats built up in the front - but they do look pretty smart. While it would be nice to see baggy pants with no piping, stirrups and floppy hats, both teams should look quite striking.

John Fay has the full Civil Rights Game Weekend schedule Cincinnati's paper of record.

In case you made the mistake of not reading your Farmer's Only: Yonder Alonso has been promoted t' Louisville
See also: Petey's fanshot. What you talkin' bout, everybody.

Red Hot Mama stokes the schadenfreude as the Astros sweep the Cards
So I guess Carpenter was mad that Carlos Lee was mad that the former induced the latter into an infield pop out. Do I have that right? If I didn't know better - and I don't - I'd say Chris Carpenter was a character from Sherwood Waaahnderson's Whines-burg Ohio.

Stephen Strasburg's schedule puts him on a collision course with the Reds
According to WaPo, Stephen Strasburg's next start for the Syracuse Chiefs will be May 18. Carry the one and he could end up pitching in the bigs against the Reds on June 4 at Nats Park. Stop by Brendanukkah's post for details about the DC Red Reporters' field trip to the game. It's shaping up to be a pretty Nationalistic weekend.

The Fay asks, "Would you still walk him?"
Where? I barely know him. He's talking about Albert Pujols and whether you'd walk him with the game on the line. I'd have to know the exact situation, including the pitcher against, but in his current "slump" he's seemed a little more vincible. Two outs, tie game and runner on second with Owings pitching? Definitely. Someone, make haste to run the run expectancy calculations. I'll retire to the solarium to brush my hair.

More grist for the Reds premature playoff speculation mill
FanGraphs declares the NL "wide open," from the standpoint of current playoff odds: For fans of intrigue and drama, the Senior Circuit will be the league to watch this season. Given how the first 35 games have played out, almost the whole league has something to play for right now, and we are almost guaranteed that one race will be decided in the last few weeks of the season.

ESPN Insider: Alex Wimmers could become the next Mike Leake
Apparently Mike Leake is a thing you can be now. He's likely to be increasingly eclipsed by the Stephen Strasburg hype machine, but it's no small achievement that Leake, a member of the 2009 draft class, was an effective major league pitcher right out of the gate. Reds drafting "luck" has dramatically improved over the last several years.

The Field of Dreams from a fake movie with Kevin Costner is being sold for real millions
I'll just build my own and they'll come.

Posnanski delivers a post-mortem for the Heartbreak on the Lake
Seems like a facile conclusion, but the Cavs did seem to have "a heart problem" as a team "built for regular season basketball, when players are going at 2/3 speed and the pain of losing is dulled by the realization that there’s another game in New Jersey tomorrow night."