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Red Reposter - If Arroyo Can't Pitch, Could Chapman Get the Call?

  • Hall o' Famer Hal says "I told you so" regarding Jonny Gomes
    Gomes bombed that game-winner yesterday off Jason Motte, a big righty. Gomes' CV says he can't hit righties, but Hal says that's bunk. Gomes should be playing everyday. Are we really so short-sighted? Didn't Gomes just strike out 3 times against Adam Wainwright on Wednesday? I'm not saying Gomes should or shouldn't be playing, but I think we need to remember that we are only 3 games in the season and it's a little early for "I told you so's".

  • Bronson Arroyo says his calf is pretty sore after taking a line shot there off of Colby Rasmus' bat
    Arroyo has the best ERA in baseball since last July and he has never missed a start.  Never, as in not in little league, high school, the minors, or the majors.  Radical bro!  If Arroyo cannot go (I'm assuming a bad ass like him is not going to let a bruised calf ruin his streak) Sam LeCure is scheduled to go for Louisville on the same day.  Or the Reds could change the AAA rotation around and get Aroldis Chapman up here.

  • This weekend is your last chance to bid on the chance to be in the Reds team photo
    The auction ends Monday at 5 pm.

  • Redleg Nation Radio #48: with Reds beat writer John Fay
    Two episodes of Redleg Nation Radio this week? Sure, why not? This time, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Fay joined Bill Lack for a rousing discussion about all things Reds as the 2010 season kicks off.

  • SBNation has partnered up with FanGraphs
    FanGraphs will now link to SBNation content on their player pages. FanGraphs is the best stats site on the 'net and it's really cool to have the two working together.

  • Masters of WAR - How good was the Springfield Power Plant team?
    Linked from BtB, this post looks at the difference in 1992 WAR between the Springfield Nine and the actual WAR leaders by position. Two major problems here. One is using single season WARs, especially when the team was likely picked in 1991 or even earlier. The second is not considering who The Simpsons producers may have asked but declined. I've read somewhere that Ryne Sandberg didn't want to do it, which explains the crappy selection of Steve Sax. But the writer is certainly right about Larkin over Ozzie!

    And now here's a look at what our SBNation NL Central brethren are talking about:

  • Bleed Cubbie Blue was apparently hysterical after the Cubbies lost their first two to the Braves
    but Al tries to chill them all out. It amuses me to see other blogs go into conniptions over 2 losses.  It teaches us that we are not so different, yeah?  The magic of new baseball can do strange things to the psyche.

  • The Crawfish Boxes is really missing Lance Berkman
    Berkman began the season on the DL with a balky knee and is expected back soon, but losing your best hitter for even a few games is enough to insight panic (as I'm sure we can all attest). Does this sound familiar?

    "The last three games we have all bemoaned the quick innings, the lack of men on base, and the wasted opportunities. Sure, it has only been three games, and the sample size is meaningless, but I can't shake the feeling that if Lance Berkman were in the lineup, things would be different. Not only would the ordering of the lineup be more conducive to run production, but I think the lineup would have its mojo too. I don't mean to suggest that there is some kind of metaphysical aura which eludes statistics that the lineup needs to function, rather that not having Lance Berkman in the lineup throws off the all the other interactions of our lineup."

  • Bucs Dugout is frustrated with Pirates GM Neil Huntington
    One of the narratives of the Pirates offseason was a general defensive downgrade. Huntington doesn't really buy into that, giving various reasons. BD calls horseshit though. It seems this is one of the universal traits of a GM: the need to obscure any facts that may be seen as negative coupled with the complete lack of ability to do it well.

  • Viva El Birdos is excited about Colby Rasmus' start
    Conversely, we here at RR are starting to hate his guts. Rasmus had a roller coaster season last year, never seeming to put all his impressive tools together at the same time. The more I read about and see this kid, he really does remind me of our very own Jay Bruce, if not as good or cool or handsome.

  • Yovanni Gallardo signed a 5-year, $30.1 mil extension with the Brewers yesterday
    and Brew Crew Ball is all excited and such.