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Red Reposter (Late Edition) - What did the Reds clubhouse attendants know and when did they know it?

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Consider this one a throwback to the late great Cincinnati Post, afternoon paper and former employer of Joe Posnanski and Bill Watterson.

Gomes walk-off solo shot was all the necessary offense to complement superb outing, RBI single from Arroyo
REDS WIN 2-1. Arroyo bucked his day/night splits and pitched a gem to nigh-on singlehandedly lead the Reds over the River LaRussa to the Promised Land of Win #1. I don't know how to feel about Gomes as Fulltime Player, but his power is undeniable. He shouldn't be starting against the Wainwrights of the world, but he can SLG respectably against both righties and lefties. Votto UPDATE: Still very good.

CNATI has some cute photos of our Reds scrapping and grinding about in futility
A dynamic photo gallery of Opening Night action. Brian Baker has been doing good camera work for C. Trent's outfit. I've been pretty impressed with the product they're pushing.

OMGReds offers some Opening Night notes
For how poor the Reds continue to perform, their coverage in the Sidestream Media keeps getting better. OMG name-checks our Game 2 delegation:

Damn good time with the crew from; these guys have been carrying Opening Night for years before the Reds decided to start promoting the heck out of it. Surrounded by Reds bloggers in the Sun/Moon deck is a pretty outstanding way to watch a game too.

And OMG sez Cards fans are just as obnoxious as Cubs fans -- they just come in smaller doses. Take the whining over "slick balls" - throw in some sanctimony about Mark McGwire and arbitrary invective about Colby Rasmus having a dumb name and being an ersatz Jay Bruce and I think we've got ourselves another team to hate, kiddos!

MLB investigates condition of Reds' baseballs after Carpenter complaint
If I can speak on behalf of Mr. Scrabbles and Dean Ken, Emeritus, Red Reporter is sick of hearing about whether balls have been rubbed up or not. "Ballgate II" has been raging in the background since the Cardinals griped (again) about GABP baseballs not having significant mud on them. Dusty sez the Cards are the only team to have complained - which I'm assuming is an assertion stretching back to last season, otherwise it's a little bit insane. Baker has a couple of good rejoinders on the subject, including (in re: Carpenter's performance on OD): "I'd hate to see him pitch non-slippery balls." The possible sex puns are overwhelming here. Listen, St. Louis Cardboardinals: We may have slick balls, but at least they've dropped. OK, I'm done.

Harang weighs in on Ballgate, dismisses Cards' claims
He's surely biased, but the condition of the baseballs affected him just as much as Carp - unless there was a massive, boring and ultimately unsuccessful conspiracy in which the umps and Reds grounds crew were both complicit in feeding Harang properly-mudded balls.

MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at extending Votto
It's probably the best idea I've ever heard. Zimmerman is a good comp, but the Nats got to him a little earlier than the Reds will with Votto. If Votto has a monster year in 2010, he could outgrow MLBT's 5/$50MM estimates.

MLBTR also sized up the Yonder Alonso situation
Reaction to Alonso starting the year in LF with Carolina has been pretty positive here. If you can his bat into the lineup with Votto sometime in 2011, there's every reason to find a way. The Reds have made some pleasingly creative moves organizationally since the off-season. On-field performance is bound to catch up at some point.

Baker opines on the Civil Rights Game
Here, read something positive involving Dusty Baker. This may be a fluff piece, but if I can be editorial for a moment, I think it's a great event and encouraging when Cincinnati takes the lead on something like this- especially given the latent  xenophobia and intolerance that sometimes bubbles up from the city's media squawking heads.