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Red Reposter - This is the First Game of the Rest of Your Season

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That's a halo. And it was hanging from the corner of my girlfriend's four-post bed. Third Eye Blind? Is that who that was? I don't care.
That's a halo. And it was hanging from the corner of my girlfriend's four-post bed. Third Eye Blind? Is that who that was? I don't care.

Better Off Red Shows Us Some Inside Baseball From Opening Day
At least farther inside then I'm allowed to be. Here's a refreshing bit of absurdism from someone who, at least nominally, is a PR man (in re: a nice little photo of John Fay and Marty): "Immediately after this photo was taken, the flash from the camera sent the [John Fay] into a typical Fay Fit...he pulled out 6 packets of mustard from his back pocket, opened them and squirted them all over his head while yelling "I'M ALLERGIC TO SHEEP NOSES, I'M ALLERGIC TO SHEEP NOSES!!!...then he sat down indian-style and started playing in the dirt on the warning track...thankfully Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher had the Fayzer-Taser turned up to 11 and zapped John with 4,500 volts of "time-out."

Seeing Reds posted a pictorial essay from the fan perspective
Provides a flavor of the day and even a little critical analysis on Baker. Dusty said his reasoning behind leaving Lincoln in to face the heart of the Cards' order was: "I needed that second inning so I didn't go through my whole bullpen." Seeing reminds us of the six other pitchers in the bullpen and the off day that follows. It's foolhardy to parse managerspeak, so just enjoy these nice pictures will you? They had a Dixieland Jazz Band playing on the concourse!

Chapman to make pro debut on Sunday against the Mud Hens
The Cuban Sandwich (Is this what we're calling him? help me out) will go for Triple-A Louisville at 2 p.m. ET on Sunday against the Toledo Mud Hens. Google sez it's 3 hr 13 min on I-75 N from Cincinnati. Red Reporters in  El Paso, TX should head out around 10 am on Saturday and don't do anything stupid like stop for gas or go to the bathroom.

Better Off Red Details the Opening Night Festivities
The chock-full schedule for tonight is posted again for the benefit of Game Twoers. The Army Rangers parachute demonstration should be something to see, though parachuting into sporting events always causes me to wistfully think on the glory days of Fan Man.

Hall O' Famer Hal offers musing on Opening Day from seclusion in French Lick
Decided to skip out on Opening Day to go look for America.  On Pujols: "in my 37-plus years of covering baseball, I believe Pujols is the best player I’ve ever seen." Yet for some reason, the Reds chose to serve up two beach balls to him Johnny Bench doesn't understand it: "if he were catching now he would make certain his pitchers never gave Pujols a pitch to hit."  It's frustrating following a team with such spotty institutional memory. Ever the realist, Hal expects the Reds to continue to pitch to Pujols.

Fay thinks Micah Owings should have pinch hit into the game and pitched instead of Lincoln
NBC Sports also picked this one up. I definitely would have preferred to see Owings face the Murderer's Row (or at least Aggravated Assaulter's Row), but the logistics of Owings' balancing warming up with pinch-hitting - and possibly ending up on the basepaths - could be prohibitive. The point seems moot for now with an extra power bat on the bench in Francisco.

FanGraphs guy loves the iPad for following baseball
I still can't figure out what void this device would fill in my life, but I guess, like every hapless consumer, I "don't know what I need until someone shows me." If it helps feed my unhealthy baseball dependence while making my neighbors feel bad, I'm game.

UniWatch has a post about the AstroDome
The groundscrew used to wear what amounted to nuclear fallout suits while vacuuming the astroturf. It's like a conceptual World's Fair drawing come to life. This site rules, by the way. Many of you are no doubt aware of its virtues - recommended for any devoted sports fan who misses being beat up for caring about clothes.