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Game 2 is tonight!

Are you going to stand idly by while Albert Pujols poops on our field?
Are you going to stand idly by while Albert Pujols poops on our field?

After minutes of planning, we're all set for our first Red Reporter get together of the season tonight. I know you've been sitting there waffling about joining us. Well, there is still time! It's probably too late to get you the ticket deal that we got, but there are plenty of tickets still available, so you can buy one and come sit with us. Or, if you've already got a ticket, come join us for a drink or six.

The weather forecast doesn't look as pleasant right now as it did 3 days ago, but we'll trudge through. It wouldn't be Game 2 without some inclement weather. Here is the current schedule of events, if you find yourself looking for trouble:

5:00pm - Gather at Bar Louie at Newport on the Levee.
5:15pm - I'm going to head to the ballpark to check out the pre-game activities. Most RRs will likely hang back at Bar Louie until 6pm or so.
6:30pm - Gather in the Machine Room until game time.
7:10pm - Head to our seats in the Moon Deck (unless it is raining, then we'll stay in the Machine Room). We're in section 143, rows F and G. Come join us! We're fun, unless you are from South Milwaukee.
Post-game - Back to Bar Louie for $1 burgers.

I hope you'll join us! Just look for the Coutlangus jersey next to the Patterson jersey next to the Rosales jersey.