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2010 Red Reporter Prediction Thread

Happy Easter! With the season technically starting tonight, I figured it'd be a good time for some predictions. I don't have any contests set up this year, but that doesn't mean we can't try our hand at some prognostication.

Start with the Reds (name the player and number you think he'll reach):

Most Home Runs:
Most RBI:
Most Stolen Bases:
Highest Batting Average (min 300 AB):
Highest OPS (min 300 AB):

Most Wins:
Most Losses:
Most Innings Pitched
Most Strikeouts:
Lowest ERA (min 100 IP):

Predict the order of the NL Central, including the number of wins you think each team will have:
Astros, Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, Reds

Which eight teams will make it to the playoffs?
Who will play in the World Series?
Who will win the World Series?

Predict the season awards:
NL Cy Young:
NL Rookie of the Year:

AL Cy Young:
AL Rookie of the Year:

Have a great Easter! And if you are traveling today, be safe. We need you for tomorrow when real baseball starts!