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Red Reposter - The Houston Tourism Board says "3 days in Houston will cure what ails you"

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Red Reposter Roamin' Numeral: .929 (Win percentage for the Reds against the Astros over their last 14 meetings)

Chris Dickerson is headed for an MRI
Dickerson left last night's game with a "strained wrist" and is heading back to town for an "examination." (Scare quotes are a new feature on Red Reposter "Freaky Fridays.") Fayspeculation is that Chris Heisey gets the call-up, given his ability to play all three outfield positions. Though Wlad has been abysmal in 32 ABs at AAA this year, I would argue he's the better option for an outfield callup, considering his relative fitness for the majors and the fact that Gomes has not been productive. Problem is, he's no longer on the 40-man, because someone carelessly cast him aside like so much chaff in the wind or whatever that idiom / Kansas song is. I'd also understand the hesitance toward having Stubbs as the only pure CF.

Hall o' Famer Hal revels in a curse lifted
Oswalt has met his Jack Ruby, in the form of a good outing from Bronson Arroyo, some timely hitting and the mere fact that the Astros are just not aging well. The Reds now take the sweep momentum into St. Louis to face The New Gashouse Gang. Hal has a slightly different take from Fay on who takes Dickerson's spot: "Meanwhile, Dickerson, a guy who can’t avoid injuries, probably will go on the DL and the Reds will call-up either Chris Heisey or Todd Frazier from Louisville."  I see Frazier as a longshot, but there aren't really any good option in AAA based on in-season performance. It really is a shame Chris Dickerson can't stay healthy.

Brandon Phillips is still giving Fay the silent treatment
This whole situation seems pretty juvenile, especially if the standoff is still just an outgrowth of their spring training row (can't seem to find the original Fay piece - redacted?). After Wednesday night's game, Fay asked Dusty about whether Phillips should have gotten to third on a hit that dropped in. The question, while valid, seems a little passive aggressive. Fay has been quick to expose the inside baseball of the squabble, while Phillips seems to be acting this season like I did when I was forced to play on JV  junior year. Regardless of who's to blame for the tiff, the Reds beat writer for Cincinnati's Paper of Record should be able to talk regularly to one of its more interesting and charismatic players.

Jocketty reviewed the latest start for the Cubandolero
(Is this what we're calling him? Help me out.) Jocketty watched "part of the game on a computer," which I guess makes his opinion less valid than that guy from AOL Fanhouse that went to the game? Jocketty didn't dismiss outright the possibility of Chapman in the bullpen: "That’s one way you could do it if we wanted to get him up here sooner. But, right now, the plan is to keep him starting as long as we can." The Reposter is quite certain that Chapman is being groomed for the rotation at all costs, but Chappy's career could take on a Phil Hughes trajectory if the Reds get competitive. Won't you join me on this flight of fancy: It's August of 2010. The Reds are one game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central. Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey and Leake are all killing it. Edinson Volquez returns from his rehab. The Reds will need all their arms for a stretch run. Chapman and the Wagon join the staff, giving the team a veritable 7-man MegaRotation from which an elite four are culled for a march through the playoffs.

The Reds are the third "most hated team in baseball"
The Reposter meant to get to this one yesterday, so by now it's a little stale. The Wall Street Journal cites a Nielsen study, in which an "Internet algorithm" was used to measure "positive and negative reactions on the Internet" for each MLB franchise. Don't even click the link if you think the word "Internet" invalidates whatever word it modifies. The  methodology for the study is completely opaque, but it certainly fails the smell test. The Reds have a relatively small fanbase which is decidedly frustrated with a decade of irrelevance, but it seems outrageous to think there would be any widespread ill-will against the team, which often fails to register on the national radar screen. While the definition of "hated" may somehow be internally consistent, there's no way it's been operationalized to "the most people have even heard of more than one player on your team and have any strong feelings about it whatsoever."  As for the team's immediate fanbase, we hate cuz we love.

Despite being despised, the Business Courier sez Reds attendance is up
According to the auto-generated text that accompanies this link, "Bizjournals is one of the leading sources of comprehensive business news and in-depth analysis."

The Houston Chronicle wistfully remembers Stubbs as "the one that got away"
Before he went on to a national championship with the Longhorns, Drew Stubbs was drafted by the Houston Astros: "Back in 2003, the Astros took him in the third round of the draft out of Atlanta High School after agreeing to meet his $900,000 asking price. "Yeah, I thought this was where I'd be," he said. That deal was never made. Major League Baseball scolded McLane for paying more than the preset slotting price, and McLane ordered his personnel department to kill the deal."  Nice to have at least one team coveting our promising young centerfielder. The Astros can only dream of having had the chance to pass on Tim Lincecum.

Can we get the 2011 All Star Game moved to Cincinnati while you're trying to repeal that draconian law?
FanGraphs asks, "Should you boycott the Diamondbacks?" The 2011 All Star game is scheduled for Chase Field, but there is emerging pressure to move it elsewhere in response to the reactionary immigration law that recently passed in Arizona. Economic sanction is a time-tested form of protest and pressure, at least as directed against the state of Arizona: "In 1991, the NFL moved the 1993 Super Bowl out of Arizona after the governor canceled observance of a holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. That had an immediate effect: the holiday was approved by voters in 1992, and the 1996 Super Bowl took place in Tempe."  The Diamondbacks have tried to distance themselves from the fray - not flatly condemning the law, though claiming their ownership does not support it. Boycotting the Diamondbacks may be largely misdirected energy, but it is at least a symbolic touch-point in the larger opposition. The Diamonback ownership are fair targets inasmuch as the importance of this law being reversed overrides any collateral damage from economic activity meant to hurt the state. Though they've been staunch supporters of the Arizona Republican Party, they can't be held responsible for every every one of its policies; but the close ties make them a potentially influential target in the fight, even  in their "disapproval" of the immigration law.

Doc catches up with Brandon Claussen
The only Reds starting pitcher to ever eek out a win against Roy Oswalt. That will probably always be true forever. - Sent from my Motorola Razor Phone on April 29, 7:59 PM EDT

The hottest hitter in baseball is Ryan "Air" Hanigan
Along with Robinson Cano and John Jaso, according to Bill James' "formula."