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Red Reposter - Better baseball through re-arranging a sequence of last names

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We tease him a lot, cuz we've got him on the spot. Welcome back.
We tease him a lot, cuz we've got him on the spot. Welcome back.

Red Reposter "Web-Wise 'Net Number," sponsored by Netscape Navigator (The official browser of Red Reposter, it's the only browser I'll use): 8/20/09 (Date of the last pitching win for Aaron Harang)

We haven't done this in a while, but Reposter staff has been letting missives pile up in that spare room which used to be occupied by Playoff Central during the early to mid 90s. Let's take a stab:

Hi. Huge Hartford Whalers fan here. Just wanted to know what you think the immediate  effects of the Chris Pronger trade will be? -- Tracy Belafonte, New Haven

Let's not do this again. Get the interns to throw out all these letters and dump some more olive brine in my dirty martini.

Hall o' Famer Hal sez using Harang was the right move
The Reds crafted a Blue Moon win last night, featuring run support for Aaron Harang and offensive outpouring from the non-Joey Votto part of the order. Credit is due to Dusty for not knee-jerking Harang into the bullpen, nor skipping his start. Hal also has high praise for last night's SotG, Ryan Hanigan: "he has done nothing this year but contribute big hits, hit for a high average and play Johnny Bench-like defense."

Baker denies reports that he asked about an extension
What really happened is that the Reds offered him one. And he accepted! I am just kidding. According to Dusty, this was little more than internet  bunk.

Fayblog looks at "Leadoff woes Year III"
Though my faith tells me things must improve, the fact remains that offensive production from CF and the leadoff spot has gotten worse since the '08 season, whilst Dusty has become less flexible in batting his center-fielder first in the order.

Arthur Rhodes has assumed a sort of pre-closer closer role
Dusty has been more selective with Rhodes as he's crept into the 8th inning / setup role that seemed to belong to Masset at the outset of the season. 

Edge of Sports is boycotting the Diamondbacks
At the risk of getting political, the Diamondbacks do seem to have some strong ties to Arizona pols that support recently-passed anti-immigrant legislation. The author notes the curious hypocrisy of supporting the Arizona team's emigres on the field and potentially detaining and shaking them down for papers off the field. Though I'm sure athletes are likely to get a pass - as in all things - the legislation raises serious questions of civil responsibility and patronage for anything commercially linked to Arizona.

Betting against the Pirates
Should be easy money - though betting on baseball game can be perilous, for reasons practical and Pete Rose. Via Deadspin: "It's been said that you should never bet on your favorite team; you're just setting yourself up for double heartbreak. Well, one Pirates fan has concocted a fascinating experiment/get-rich-quick scheme: he's betting against the Bucs in every game this season."

The Hardball Times weighs in on the Ryan Howard extension
Needless to say, they're not exactly jiving all over it.