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Red Reposter - Reds Take 2 of 3 from the Dodgers, a Breathless Reds Nation Steps Back from the Ledge

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  • Dusty is preaching patience regarding Aaron Harang
    When asked if he was thinking about doing something with Harang he channeled his inner Slyde,
    "We’re talking about it, of course, but this guy is being paid handsomely to be a starter," Baker said. "At this point, who do we have to take his place? And we need him to win. We need him. Plus it’s only four starts. If it was 14 starts it would be a different thing, but it’s only four. Like I said. We need him. We need him to start."  It is important to remember that we are just 4 starts into the season.  Of course, Harang hasn't been himself since you-know-when, but he has been effective as recently as just last August.  I'm as frustrated as the next guy over how The Harangutan has been tossing up bananas out there, but there is still a very real possibility that he will snap out of it. 

    Also in this article, Brandon Phillips laughed when asked about the liner the other day off Furcal's bat that knocked him on his ass, "Orlando Cabrera told me it was a good thing I caught that ball, or it would have knocked my teeth out and nobody would have liked me, because the only reason people like me is because of my smile."

  • Aaron Gleeman is (ironically) dire in his assessment of Harang
    "(Since) the start of 2008, he's 12-34 with a 4.74 ERA in 368 innings spread over 60 starts. Now, someone with a 4.74 ERA certainly doesn't deserve a 12-34 record, so Harang is right that he's been unlucky in that respect, but in terms of his actual performance it's tough to call 60 starts and 368 innings worth of below-average pitching a "spell.""

  • Jay Bruce is hosting the inagural Jay Bruce Baseball Camp
    for boys and girls 6 to 14-years-old. There are only 100 slots available, so if you have an interested young'un you should get them signed up soon. The camp will be held from July 19-21 and my sources tell me it will be so totally wicked sweet. It's good to see Jay already doing stuff like this in the community. That is a fine young man.

  • The Fay coins the nickname "Cool Hand Leake"
    and I like it. Leake said, "I went out there tonight and I could see the Dodger hitters saying "he's got nothin'". I don't know. Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand." He's a natural-born world-shaker, that's right.

  • Dusty says Edinson Volquez's biggest mistake was not clearing his banned substance with an MLB doctor
    As has been discussed, players are permitted to take pretty much anything they like as long as they get a waiver. Of course, if he had consulted an MLB doctor they probably would have just prescribed something that wasn't on The List. I don't really care what he was taking or why, I'm just glad it doesn't hurt the team.

  • In case you hadn't heard yet
    Logan Ondrusek was sent to Louisville in favor of Carlos Fisher. Lurch will be back though, I'm sure of it.

  • Chris Dickerson held a live chat with fans yesterday for Earth Day
    Here are some of the more amusing/interesting Qs and As:
    transyu: You're easily my favorite Red because of your sustainability efforts and because you're a wrestling fan. What would your wrestling persona (music, finisher, outfit, gimmick) be? Chris_Dickerson: I would not wear tights. ... I'd wear green basketball shorts made of recycled basketball nets and low-top Chuck Taylors. My name would be Captain Planet.
    jbooz3: Can you dunk a basketball?
    Chris_Dickerson: Yes, I can!

  • John Sickels is previewing the June draft
    On tOSU and Moeller High product Alex Wimmers:

    "The 6-2, 195 pound right-hander out of the Big Ten has great numbers: 1.71 ERA with a 67/15 K/BB in 58 innings, with 49 hits allowed. Backing up the statistical performance is a 90-93 MPH fastball, an above-average curveball, and an excellent changeup. He is very polished and is considered to be similar to Mike Leake from the '09 draft with his ability to change speeds and make hitters look bad. Like Leake, he shouldn't need a lot of minor league polish, though he won't likely go as high in the draft as Leake did. His home-state Reds pick at 12th and could be tempted to grab another polished pitcher. He seems likely to be the second, safe choice for several clubs if their first choice gets snapped up by someone else."

    I really like the idea of another Mike Leake. It's tough to argue with a high-floor pick like that. In lieu of a player who is head-and-shoulders more talented than Wimmers, I would jump at the chance to snatch him up.

  • Alex Remington at FanGraphs tosses around a few arguments for different realignment strategies
    and he only kinda skirts around the real issue. We all want a more level playing field. Nobody is perfectly happy with a league where the Yankees and Red Sox have gone to the playoffs every year since INXS. But shifting or eliminating the divisions is not going to fix it. The league needs a more effective revenue-sharing system, one where local media contracts are evenly shared league-wide. Teams shouldn't own their own television networks. It's like printing their own money.

  • tangotiger totally just served Mike Lowell
    When Marco Scutaro went to 2B on a fly out. "Those are the little things that I don't think you can see in the box score, ever", Lowell said. So tangotiger went to the kitchen and made him a Win Expectancy salad. Nerds - 1, Jocks - zip.

  • Satchel Price at BtB is going to do this running gag where he talks about the worst players in baseball
    according to WAR accumulated so far. Lucky for us, the Astros have 3 jerks on the list. Hi-chi-wa-wa, sucks to be a 'stros fan.  Drew Stubbs gets a mention, as his recently broken 0-fer streak has piled up a negative half-win in his column. You can stop chuckling to yourself, Highlifeman21. It's just dickish is what it is.