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2010 Game 16 Thread: Dodgers at Reds

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Los Angeles Dodgers
@ Cincinnati Reds

Thursday, Apr 22, 2010, 7:10 PM EDT
Great American Ball Park

Vicente Padilla vs Mike Leake

Mostly clear. Winds blowing out to right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 65.

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2010 - Vicente Padilla 1-1 8.04 1.53 15 6

2010 - Mike Leake 0-0 2.63 1.68 8 12

As bad as last night was, the Reds can still win this series. That's the incredible thing about it all. They've already surrendered 23 runs this series, and as long as they score one more than the Dodgers today, it will be a "successful" series.

The Reds have the third worst run differential in the NL, ahead of only the Astros, who can't seem to score any runs, and the Pirates, who can't seem to stop giving up runs except to the Reds. Not to state the obvious, but this is the problem. One side has to improve, either offense or defense/pitching. Preferably both would improve, but if things keep going like this, where no lead feels safe and every deficit feels insurmountable, there aren't going to be any fans left by June 1st. Something's got to give. I do not believe that this team is this bad.

Mike Leake is still looking for his first big league win. Also, he is still looking for his first big league no hitter. Just sayin'.

The Reds have to get to Padilla tonight. That Dodger offense is lethal, so the Reds can't be wasting at bats. They need to be consistent! (This message has been approved by Reds Special Advisor Joe Morgan)