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Red Reposter - Tax Day Edition

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Red Reposter Numb and Number (Just piloting this, still haven't decided on the final name): 1 (Number of exemptions Dusty is entitled to after starting Paul Janish last night)

The Fay sez Homer had trouble hitting his spots
But he went long enough that the Reds likely won't need to call in bullpen reinforcements. Both the 'pen and the rotation have been very uneven thus far, but with no major meltdowns (short of Masset's 5 run mugging) and the season young, there's no need to panic.

Paul Daugherty is still raging against the machine of lineup construction analysis and optimization apologists  
He gets in a nice plug for Slyde and John Erardi's Wire to Wire toward the end of his "Morning Line" - and, as Slyde noted, it's cool that he opened the lines of dialogue. I think we're all talking at cross-purposes at this point, as no one disagrees that having good talent is paramount, but all the little decisions made in optimizing the use of that talent aren't negligible. In case you still care:

When Baker had great players, his teams won lots of games. I had a baseball researcher named Joel Luckhaupt tell me studies have shown a lineup might account for "2 or 3" wins a year. I have no idea how anyone could quantify such a thing (or why anyone would bother) but it’s Joel’s area of expertise. And it pretty much supported my opinion. Lineups, pitching changes, double switches, Corey Patterson etc etc don’t mean a lot when the talent you’re working with is marginal.

Chris Sabo's Goggles gets nostalgic about ragging on Homer Bailey after last night's start
There actually isn't much to this post, but maybe use it as a jumping off point to discuss Homer's early season struggles. I read very little into his first two starts, especially considering this is the first season he's started the year with the big league club, but those 6 Three True Outcomes last night (2 HRs and 4 BBs) are an unfortunate throwback to the Homer of old.

Let's hope Drew Stubbs' back is nothing like Edinson's
Stubbs was scratched last night due to back stiffness. I know he's whiffing a lot, but hell if I'm not rooting for the guy. Letting both Dickerson and Stubbs work into a groove at the top of the order (at least vs. RHP) would be a welcome, if unlikely, development.

All the sternly-worded thread comments were like so much dust in the wind (Part II)
My Wladdy Balentien cleared waivers and heads to Louisville. As in the Jonny Gomes non-tendering non-tragedy, perhaps Walt knew something about the market that we didn't. In any case, the end result is that Nix and Wlad both stay with the organization. While most of us knuckleheads would rather Wlad on the active roster, the ability to retain both adds to the corner OF power-hitting depth for the season on the big league club. There's my hometown spin.

That august publication, Baseball Prospectus, weighs in on Chapman's performance in Toledo
Via Redleg Nation, Baseball reviews Arolids Chapman’s pro debut, calling him "the best left-handed prospect in the game" and entertaining the possibility that he could beat Strasburg to the bigs.

ESPN takes a look at positions teams have trouble filling
The Reds make the list for their high shortstop turnover rates. This was sort of a market correction for having about 78 years of Davey Concepcion and Barry Larkin.

Comedy Central has commissioned an Onion Sports Network pilot
Judging by periodic Fanshots linking "America's Finest News Source," Red Reporter's audience has at least a little Venn Diagramatic crossover with the Onion. With the regular fake news market glutted, I think ESPN and its ilk are ripe for parody. I'm not sure who their target market is exactly, but I have a feeling we're in the heart of it.