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Paul Janish did what he could, but the Marlins won, 5-3.

Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Paul Janish.  I mean, seriously: in 4 PAs, he had a walk, a double, and a HR.  You can't ask for much more.


Key Plays

  • Homer Bailey was not so sharp, giving up eight hits and walking four.  I'd try to think of particular plays, but really he was pretty consistently shaky, giving up a run in every inning he pitched except the third.
  • Which meant that soon after he left in the sixth, the Marlins led 5-1.  This seemed completely insurmountable until...
  • Chris Dickerson singled in the seventh, and Paul Janish hit a HR to bring the score to 5-3.
  • Unfortunately, no Reds reached base after that.
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Other Notes

  • Jorge Cantu continued his streak of getting a hit and an RBI in every game: he's up to nine consecutive games this season.
  • The bullpen was solid.  Sure, little DRH gave up a hit to score a run, but that was credited to Homer.  He then got a groundout and a flyout to end the inning.  Lincoln came in to pitch the seventh and eighth, walking two, striking out two and allowing no hits.