P-Doc Hearts Slyde for Validating His Condescension

Paul Daugherty is yet again firing shots across the bow of any and all who have a problem with the way Dusty Baker manages. He begins with his usual "You're stupid for thinking I'm stupid" bit, but what's this?

Joel Luckhaupt is a baseball researcher. He deals in inside-baseball stuff that bores me to jeers. No disrespect intended. Luckhaupt suggests Baker's lineups aren't terrible, exactly. "I don't think he uses the least optimal lineups," Luckhaupt said. "Batting the pitcher first or second would be much worse."

Is it our very own Slyde he enlists to his aid? In a riveting dialog exchange that I'm sure was not at all cherry-picked contextually, we are shown that line-ups mean nothing. Say it aint so. First the book, now Daugherty. What's next for Slyder? White shoes after Labor Day?