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Red Reposter - Is a Lineup Re-shuffle What This Offense Needs to Get Going?

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  • The Reds offense is struggling, but Dusty is not worried
    "Worry does no good," Baker said. "That’s what you all don’t understand. You’ve to work through it.  There’s guy’s struggling all over, for whatever reason you don’t know.  We gave our guys plenty of at-bats (in spring training) to try to alleviate this problem. Sometimes there’s no explanation. Some guys are seeing the ball. Some guys are hitting the ball well and not getting hits."

    The emphasis on that third-to-last sentence is mine. There, of course, is an explanation, but Dusty is not going to say it aloud. I wouldn't if I were in his position. This team is just not very talented. When you are relying on Brandon Phillips to be your clean-up hitter, Orlando Cabrera to be a table-setter, and guys like Laynce Nix, Jonny Gomes, and Chris Dickerson to man one of the most potent offensive positions you are just not going to score many runs. I don't think the team is as bad as it has been this first week, but they have the talent to only improve so much.

  • MLBTradeRumors thinks if Aroldis Chapman forces the Reds hand
    they could look to trade Aaron Harang. It's nothing we've never heard before, but the discussion is interesting nonetheless. If Harang (and Bronson Arroyo, for that matter) prove to be effective and valuable, what kind of return would you be happy with? Would you trade them at all?

  • This was discussed a bit in the game recap
    but Hall o' Famer Hal agrees that Scott Rolen should be bumped to the clean-up spot. I'm not usually one to condone such knee-jerk reactions (remember, we are only one week into the season), but we've all known for a very long time that Brandon Phillips is not the right guy for the clean-up spot. I'd prefer Rolen hit in the 2-spot, but I wouldn't be at all angry to see him hitting clean-up.

  • Rolen may have carried the day
    but Nick Masset pitched brilliantly in his third-straight day of work. The 3-2 pitch he got Cody Ross to roll over on was a 97-MPH sinker. Hai-chi-wah-wah! "We were reluctant to use him tonight for the third day in a row. He was pressed into duty," manager Dusty Baker said. "I'm sure he's off tomorrow. He was good tonight. He got into trouble, got behind a couple of hitters and made some quality pitches. Those are some quality hitters over there."

  • Mark Sheldon stole Brendan's headline
    or part of it, anyway. Scotty too Hotty said his home runs weren't the best thing he did last night. His bloop (hat tip to George) single for the game winner was more important: "Joey (Votto) made a good point in a postgame interview. He said that he felt my two home runs weren't my two best at-bats of the game. That's kind of exciting there at the end. I had a chance to try and move a guy over in the eighth and then got a chance to get a hit in the [10th]."

  • Apparently Thom Brennaman thinks about as much of Mike Lincoln as you do
    I'm not sure if this was talked about in the game thread or not because I was already down for the evening, but Redleg Nation has video and audio of the faux pas. Just after the commercial break ends you can hear Thom clearly but faintly saying "Mike Lincoln...this game is about to go into the (toilet)".  I have a feeling that one of the two will not be with the Reds much longer.

  • Pitching coach Bryan Price was pleased with Aroldis Chapman's debut for Louisville
    "I saw the highlights and he was beating guys with fastballs," Price said. "In spring training, he was trying to trick guys with the change-up and slider. One of the things we focused on was him being able to finish hitters with his fastball. I was happy."

  • Marc Hulet bemoans the demise of the printed sports page
    He checked in on the four major papers in the Toronto area (he's from Ontario) and saw an embarrassing paucity of fresh baseball stories. He says the papers need to start embracing online writers (like us!) if they want to maintain their readership.

    "Major national sports media outlets like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and FoxSports have embraced the online writers. You can find them all over their Web pages. Newspapers need to realize that passionate and informed "bloggers" are not going away. You cannot beat us, and we cannot beat you. The best scenario for everyone involved (especially the readers) is to join together. Otherwise, there will be no winners. Only losers."


  • Crawfish Boxes is REALLY missing Lance Berkman
    In case you hadn't heard, the Astros have started the season 0-7. Ouch. But wait! They know exactly who can fix their team! Carl Crawford!  He IS the one and ONLY guy this TEAM needs to WIN the National LEAGUE Central!  Ahhhhh...memories...

  • Chris Sabo's Goggles uses his Photoshop wizardry
    to denigrate the Cubs. I know it's kinda juvenile, but damn if it ain't funny.