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Red Reposter - Roster Musical Chairs or Russian Roster Roulette?

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Leake and Wood invite legal metaphors
Today is supposed to be a big cut day in Reds camp, though management may not decide who toes the slab on April 11 until after the season starts, opting to carry an extra position player. Both Wood and Leake pitched well in their "closing arguments" last night, though Leake had slightly better results in more favorable conditions. Last year's first-rounder finishes the spring with a 3.00 ERA, 10 Ks and 4 BBS. Wood put up a 3.50 ERA, 17 Ks and 12 BBs. Both pitched 18 springtime innings.

Aroldis Chapman mulling conversion to OF
This one hasn't been picked up in the mainstream media, but it seems Chapman is looking for another path to the bigs now that he's been ousted from a starting spot. Monitor closely.

Joey Votto agrees to move to LF in 2011, contract extension talks underway
Great news - and a good salve, given all the weirdness happening with Chapman.

Sushi to be offered at Reds’ games
UDF "grab-and-go" stores are going to offer small chunks of uncooked fish at GABP this season, priced-to-move at $12 - $14. Skyline Chili is doing its part to give the fast food experience a much needed jolt of convenience.

The Fay takes a look at the roster permutations
Call it The Fay Variations. I respect the man for tackling this fugal task, but why is there any question about Jared Burton's claim to a roster spot before the season is even underway, especially if Mike Lincoln remains secure? And no matter how you slice it, there's no spot Juan Francisco on the big league club yet. Unless the beat writers have access to some off-record info, Miles and Lincoln's contracts would seem to give them both inside track on the only truly open spots outside of #5 starter. Sutton or Ondrusek sneaking in would be a bit of a surprise.

MLB Fanhouse lists the best ballpark promotions of 2010
The Reds make the list three times, including a Chuck Harmon 1954 Mesh Jersey giveaway in May. The jersey commemorates Harmon's debut as the first African-American player in Reds history. Despite its history of firsts, the Reds were far from trailblazers when it came to integration.

OMGReds jumps ship to join the Cubs faithful
Nine straight losing seasons does funny things to fans. This could be the start of disturbing trend. I can only hope it's not too late to stop the launch of Daydrinking Blue Mama.

Big League Stew asks, "Is this the year that Aaron Harang finally bounces back?"
Given the pitching talent the Reds have in place, there's less pressure on Harang to be an ace. I think the spring indicated that his "stuff" is still there, but when he isn't hitting his spots, weird things happen.  Things that can't be explained away entirely by bad luck, lack of run support or defensive failings.

Reds Live Season Preview airs Tonight on Fox Sports Ohio
See what quaint notions about the 2010 Reds you'll be bitterly deriding in July.

Yonder Alonso to be dealt for Carlos Quentin?
This is one of at least three, but not more than five, April fools jokes in this edition of the Reposter. Find 'em all and win the satisfaction of rational thought.