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Red Reporter Death Match Fantasy League

Thanks to the fine folks at, Red Reporter will be hosting our first official fantasy baseball league this season. Typically in the past, we have had fantasy leagues set up through the site, but none that have been truly an official site sponsored league. This year, though, the good folks from SB Nation have worked out a deal with to give us a free league to run through the site.

If you've never used the Commissioner League to play fantasy baseball, it has some pretty cool features. There are a variety customization features for rules and scoring that give you a ton of options for the league. There's also a nice live scoring feature so you can follow along with the points as games happen. For those of you who like to run your mouth, there is a live chat/league messenger to trash talk and generally make a fool of yourself.

It's been a while since I've played with any of the fantasy games, so I'm kind of looking forward to trying out some of what they've got and comparing it to other sites that I've used. Apparently it's won a bunch of awards and stuff, including "Best Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League Management Product" from something called the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Awards.

I haven't finished setting up the league just yet because I figured I should get some feedback from the gallery on which type of league you'd be interested in playing in. Scoring is fully customizable, so we can pick the level of detail that we'd like to go. Are you interested in a hard-core league, a mid-range league, or a wussy league with easy stats? The site has keeper functionality, so if there is enough interest, I'd be cool with playing another keeper league.

In the comments, let me know your level of interest in the league and what type of scoring you'd like to use. After I see how many people are interested, I'll figure out how we're going to pick who gets in the league. I'm looking for reasonably serious players, though by no means do you have to give more than a few minutes a week to your team. If you are someone that just wants to set a team on day one and forget it, I'm sure we'll have a Beer League set up again sometime soon. As for scoring, I'm leaning towards a head-to-head points league, but with fairly basic scoring. I'm not a rotisserie fan, but if there is enough interest, I could be persuaded.

If you don't have any interest in joining a league run by me, SB Nation still has a deal worked out that you can take advantage of. They have negotiated with to provide 50% off a new Fantasy Baseball Commissioner league. All you have to do is follow this link to sign up for you own league, and the price of the league will be cut in half. That's a pretty good deal, especially if you were already planning to set up a league anyway. If you've never used Commissioner League and you just want to check it out, there is a 14-day free trial period for you to get a feel for what is included.

And yes, I'm a sellout. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League.