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Call for RR Team Preview writers

[Edit: I've pasted the schedule for the previews below the jump.  You can always save your preview in Word ahead of time and post on the scheduled day, but if the schedule's a problem please let me know.  Houston's still up for grabs!]

Gang, it's that time of year again where we solicit volunteers to write team previews.  This is a fun project that acquaints us with the competition through the lens of inside jokes and RR memes.  Seriously, I always enjoy reading these and I'm consistently impressed with the quality of writing from our constituency.  

Same drill as last year.  Pick the NL team you wish to preview and I will set a schedule for when they should be published.  My tentative plan is to preview the NL Central the week of March 14, the East the week of the 21st, and the West the week of the 28th.  I call Milwaukee.

If you're wondering what should be included, I've pasted below the jump BK's advice from last year.  You can also click on the "rr nl team previews" tag at the bottom to see examples. 


Now you may be asking, "what should be in my preview?"  Once again, we're looking for the answers to at least the following questions:

  • What is the team's overall outlook for the coming season?
  • Who are the key losses/additions to the team?
  • What pitchers/hitters do the Reds not want to see?
  • Who are the pitchers/hitters the Reds are looking forward to facing?
  • Any rookies/prospects of interest we can expect to see this season?
  • Any history of note between the two teams?
  • Any former Reds?
  • Any Bill Hall All Stars or Tomo Ohka All Stars?

If you're not familiar with Bill Hall All Stars and Tomo Ohka All Stars, check them out on the wiki.  The way you write it is pretty much up to you, as long as it answers the questions above and is easy to read.  You don't have to scrutinize every little detail of the organizations, just the stuff that would matter to a casual fan of the team or a Reds fan sizing up their opponent.  If you want to set those questions up and knock them down one by one, that's perfectly fine, or if you want to write it in longer paragraphs, that works too.  As long as it isn't one long sentence with no punctuation.


Here's the roster so far:

Mon 3/15: Brewers – Ken

Tues 3/16:  Cubs – Geki

Wed 3/17:  Cardinals – crolfer

Thurs 3/18:  Pirates –

Fri 3/19:  Astros –  Sports goggles 4 lyfe


Mon 3/22:  Mets – thevole/nycreds

Tues 3/23:  Phillies – dmcgee77

Wed 3/24:  Nats – ZJiff30

Thurs 3/25:  Marlins – Cy Schourek

Fri 3/26:  Braves – thedigjam


Mon 3/29:  Dodgers – BLee2525

Tues 3/30:  Padres – Highlifeman21

Wed 3/31:  Rockies – Snake the Jake

Thurs 4/1:  D’backs – coocooforcocoapuffs

Fri 4/2:  Giants – WoodrowThedaug