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Cactus League Game 25 Thread: Padres at Reds

Sorry for the informality of this game thread, but it was hastily put together at the last minute and the Game Thread Generator is not being friendly.  Whatevs though.  Aaron Harang is on the mound for his final tuneup before Opening Day.  Daniel Ray Herrera, Jared Burton, and Arthur Rhodes are also scheduled to pitch an inning apiece.  I hope Harang can go his fully scheduled 6-7 innings without incident.  I'm not worried about him myself, but it would be cool if he could quiet down some of the rabble rousing heading into Opening Day.

As for the Padres, if you wanna know about them you can read Highlifeman21's preview of them in the FanPosts section. 

Lineups are after the jump, courtesy of C Trent.  Game's on the radio at WLW and you always have Gameday.

You know what, nothing is cooperating with me today and I'm out of time.  If you wanna see the lineups you can follow the C Trent link.  Thanks.