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Opening Night Get Together: Official Headcount Time

Game 2 Poster
Game 2 Poster

We're just one week from Opening Day! Accuweather says sunny and 68° on Monday. says rainy and  69°. The lesson? Don't use those sites. Weather Underground doesn't blow smoke up your rear and try to forecast weather a week a way. Sheesh!

As for next Wednesday, when the Reds take on the Cardinals for the second game of the season, who knows what the weather will be like at this point. Given the past three years of attending this game though, I'd say it will be cool, if not downright cold. It might be damp. It'll likely be awesome!

So far, I've got 24 tickets accounted for, but we can get more if we need to. That's why I'm posting today. I'd like to lock in an official count by Wednesday so that I can order more tickets if I need to. We can get more tickets after Wednesday, but seriously, just commit already Mr. Favre. This is who I've got so far:

jch24 x 2
obc2 x 2
'tHan x 2
Charlie Scrabbles
3 Fast 3 Furious

Excalib8 x 2
OMGReds x 2
Kevin Mitchell is Batman
Red Hot Mama x 3
Mr. B x 2

If you find this to be a reasonable lot to spend a Wednesday night with at the ballpark, please let us know in the comments if you'd like to join us. Our tickets are in section 143, rows E and F, which is out in the Moon Deck. Tickets are $11 a piece (oh yeah, they're half-price! Did I mention that?).

It's always been a great time, and we've already got several new faces coming out for their first Red Reporter outing, so you don't even have to worry about being the only one that doesn't know everybody. Our tentative agenda still stands as

5:30pm - Gather at Bar Louie at Newport on the Levee
6:30pm - Head to the ballpark to get our Reds Snuggie!
6:45pm - Mill around in the Machine Room until game time.
Post-game: Undecided. Likely head back to Newport to find out that nothing is open.

I hope you'll join us!