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Checking Out How Harang Works the Plate

I've just recently started going back through all of the posts and articles that I bookmarked for later reading from back when I was buried with book work. I'm a fan of graphical demonstrations of data, so I really like this stuff from Harry Pavlidis. I experimented with the data myself to see if I could make similar charts and also to see how things looked for Aaron Harang. Let me know what you think. If you like them, I'll try to break down more pitchers this way.

The first chart is relative to the batter. While the inside and outside goes left to right on the chart, whether or not the pitch is inside or outside has been determined strictly by the batters hand. As you can see, Harang likes to work middle-out and he's usually around the plate:


If we break it down by righties and lefties, we see that he has a tendency to come inside more to lefties than he does right-handers:



We might also learn a bit from how Harang pitches based on the count. I got kind of wrapped up in the conversation in the other thread this morning and didn't manage my time well or else I'd have more of these charts for you. But for now, here's how he pitches with 2 strikes and with 3 balls:



As you can see, he hits the fat part of the plate MUCH more when he needs to throw a strike. That kids is why you shouldn't get to 3 ball counts.

Finally, I took a quick stab at look how Harang worked the zone from top to bottom. He says that he is trying to keep the ball down more in this camp. This chart would show that he did have a tendency to work up in the zone last year:


One thing I need to do is see what the value of each zone is. I'd also like to see how he uses his individual pitches. That'll be a post for another day though. Let me know what you think. Are these graphs helpful?