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Opening Night Get Together: Two Week Notice

We have a saying around these parts: "Real fans go to game 2!" That's not to say that you shouldn't go to Opening Day. If you've got tickets, have a blast! But it's easy to get excited for the first game of the season, when there is a giant build up to the game and a special section in the newspaper. It takes a real fan to buy tickets for a cold night game during the middle of the week in April.

So, are you a real fan?

As we've done the last three years, Red Reporter will be kicking off our attendance on the first Wednesday night of the season. Despite the typically colder weather and smaller crowd, we've always had a good time at Game 2. This year, the Reds have done us a favor and are giving away a free snuggly blanket to the first 20,000 fans. There are also fireworks after the game. (Note: fireworks and giveaways do not negate the "real fan" nature of Game 2!) Hopefully you will be able to join us this year.

The tentative schedule for the April 7th game is..

5:00 - 6:30pm : Meet up at Bar Louie at Newport on the Levee

6:30pm : Head over to GABP via the Taylor-Southgate bridge to buy tickets and get our snuggies

6:45pm : Gather in the Machine Room until game time or perhaps slightly after the start of the game.

7:15pm(ish) : Find seats!

I am considering buying some tickets before the game, just in case there is a bigger crowd that we've typically seen at this game because of the giveaway and fireworks. If you'd like me to buy you a ticket ahead of time, please say so in the comments section, but only if you are certain that you are going to the game.

If you think it's weird to meet people you've only spoken to on the internet, well, you're right, but you get over it quickly. I've probably met 30 different people from this site (at least), and only 2 of them have been truly weird (I'll let you figure out who). That is to say, just about everyone I've met is relatively normal and for the most part fun to hang out with. We wouldn't do these things every year if they weren't.

UPDATE!: I've been told by the Reds Group Sales office that if we can get enough people to qualify for group sales (25 or more), we can get our tickets for half-price. Now you don't have any excuse not to join us because the tickets will be cheap!

So, I hope you'll consider joining us this year and showing what a real fan you are. It's always been a good time. You should come find out why.