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Red Reposter - Chapman is Not a Reliever, but Votto Could be a Shortstop(?)

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  • Jocketty answered a few questions about Aroldis Chapman after his fine performance on Wednesday
    Could he make the team as a reliever? "That has not been discussed. Probably not."

    Because qualifying arbitration by 2012 affects his contract, will that be a factor in the decision if he makes the team? "If he’s good enough to make the team, no. We look at that with all our players, but it doesn’t affect the decisions we make."

    Chapman threw 118 innings last year in Cuba. Will you limit his number of innings because of that? "We haven’t put a number on it. but we’ll watch pitch counts and the stress on his arm. We monitor that with all our pitchers."

    I love his parry of the 2nd question: "We take arbitration status into account in all our player decisions, but we don't let arbitration status affect any of our player decisions."

  • A number of cuts were made yesterday
    Yonder Alonso, Bill Bray, Jordan Smith, Phillipe Valliquette, Josh Anderson, Jon Adkins, Enerio Del Rosario, Sam LeCure, Chris Valaika, Pedro Viola, and Devin Mesoraco were all sent to minor league camp.

    "It's not a pheasant day," Baker said, "no matter how long you do it. There's not an easy way to do it. Some guys probably know they're going to go. "You recall when you were there. I don't know many who haven't been there. Everyone's busted their tails this spring. This has been a great camp. We've got some fine young men of high character."

  • Orlando Cabrera has played for a playoff team in 5 of the last 6 seasons
    and Dusty doesn't see it as a coincidence. D'oh.

  • Joey Votto asked Omar Vizquel for some defensive advice
    "It went well. He was really generous with his information," Votto said on Wednesday. "He's a really nice guy too. I've already spoken to Barry [Larkin] and I talk with Scott [Rolen] every now and then. "I caught Omar early while he was getting ready for the game, and he gave me five minutes of his time. He really didn't have to do that. It wasn't necessarily eye-opening, but he reiterated the same things everybody is supposed to follow -- basic fundamentals of playing the position."

    It's good to see Joey being studious about his defense. His bat could easily carry him, so he could just sit on it and not give a care about defense. Now, if Vizquel could teach him to play SS then we could really turn this ship around.

  • Todd Frazier is having a blast in big league camp
    Here's what he has to say about the 5 different positions he's played:
    * Left field: "I love left. I played about 75 percent out there last year in AA, I don't know. You're out there by yourself and you can talk to yourself and nobody knows. You get that at-bat, you talk to yourself a little bit and you feel better. At least that's what I do. I'm a little different. It makes me who I am. It doesn't matter."
    * "Shortstop, you control the infield, I like that. You've got a little power."
    * "Third base you have to be ready, just like first base, you have to react."
    * "At second base, you're on an island out there. And you work with the shortstop to figure out double plays. I enjoy that."
    * First base: "I like to talk to the first base coach and other players, not during the play. That's what makes the game. But ultimately your focus is on the batter, but a little chat there can't hurt."

  • Bill James visited the press box at yesterday's game
    He was handing out copies of his new book. His analysis says the Reds were the best defensive team in the NL last season by a healthy margin. If you wanted to go all Chris Valaika and break your hand on a water cooler, read through some of the comments on Fay's post.

  • Parents in Louisville are holding their kids a little tighter this morning
    The Soulsucker Ben Jukich was returned to the Reds by the Cardinals. St. Louis picked him up in the Rule 5 draft but was unwilling to keep him on the 25-man roster all season. Dusty is happy to have him back. Thanks to the Crolf-Dog for the FanShot

  • The Opening Day parade looks to be like quite a gas, as usual
    The only trouble spot I can see is that Bronson Arroyo is going to ride in the parade with Miss Ohio. Gah Gah Gooey!

  • The Common Man laments the lack of interesting nicknames in baseball
    as we all have here at Red Reporter for many years. In light of this, he was inspired by beer (naturally) to bestow the perfect nickname on our own Jay Bruce. After drinking a Red Menace Big Amber Ale, he was taken aback by the epiphany that no one in baseball history (that he could recall) had been christened with the nickname "Red Menace". He submits that Jay Bruce be from this moment forward dubbed "The Red Menace". I'd love it if it wasn't already takenHattip to HardballTalk.

  • Maker's Mark released their special bottle commemorating the Reds World Series championship in 1990
    At $24 a bottle I think this would make a fine (and tasty) addition to any fan's collection.