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Cactus League Game 7 Thread: Reds at Dodgers

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Los Angeles Dodgers

Friday, March 12, 2010, 3:05 PM EDT
Camel Back Ranch

Bronson Arroyo vs. Clayton Kershaw

Sunny. Game time temperature around 65.


Bronson Arroyo looks to get overshadowed once again by Aroldis Chapman today. I expect that Arroyo will pitch 3 innings today and be followed by Chapman for 2 and then you won't hear much on the rest of the game. Also pitching will be Francisco Cordero, Carlos Fisher, Micah Owings, Jordan Smith, and Ramon Geronimo.

The Dodgers will send Clayton Kershaw to the mound followed by Carlos Monasterios, Jonathan Broxton, George Sherrill, and Luis Ayala.

The Dodgers have some good pitchers on the mound, but the Reds have their "A" lineup traveling for the game today. Interesting to see Todd Frazier playing 1B while Votto is the DH and Gomes is in LF. I wonder if they consider Frazier an option for backup at first (i.e. his versatility could find him a bench spot). I doubt it, but who knows. That'd be a pretty good bench option.

Lineups are after the jump. The game is being carried on, so those with the option can watch it. If you have audio, is broadcasting it. If none of those options work for you, there is always Gameday.



Cincinnati Reds
Los Angeles Dodgers
Drew Stubbs - CF
Rafael Furcal - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS
Brad Ausmus - C
Joey Votto - DH
Andre Ethier - RF
Brandon Phillips - 2B
Matt Kemp - CF
Scott Rolen - 3B
Casey Blake - 3B
Jay Bruce - RF
Doug Mientkiewicz - 1B
Jonny Gomes - LF
A.J. Ellis - DH
Ramon Hernandez - C Jason Repko - LF
Todd Frazier - 1B
Ivan DeJesus - 2B