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Red Reposter - Seriously, Aroldis in the OD rotation?

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Bruce, Hanigan go deep, but Reds lose 10-4
Jay Bruce was 2-for-3 and hit a home run to right field with two outs in the second inning. With one out in the third, Ryan Hanigan also hit a homer to right field. But Aaron Harang had a bad day, throwing only 1 1/3 innings and giving up three runs. Matt Maloney didn't help his cause for the fifth spot by allowing four runs in 2/3 innings.  

Mike Lincoln takes the hill against the Angels at 3:05 EST today. Mike Leake will also pitch.

CNATI - Short outing for Harang
Harang said he's changing his mechanics, using his legs more and lengthening his stride.  "Overall, I'm happy with it, but there's still some fine tuning. It's all with the arm-slot," Harang said.  Harang mentioned that he's increasing the stride by six or seven inches.  "I didn’t have the flexibility in my hips." "It's the way I've pitched for so long and all of a sudden to mechanically make adjustments, it's not going to work overnight. I've still got some stuff to work on, but that's what spring's for."

Fay - Bray’s first session good
After missing all of 2009, Bill Bray is looking forward to contributing and hopes to be pitching in games by the end of ST.  Pitching coach Bryan Price doesn't want to push it.  No sense in being hasty - the Reds may need a healthy Bray if DRH or others in the bullpen regress from a strong 2009.

SB Nation's 2010 MLB Previews: Cincinnati Reds, Burdened With Expectations 
Some no-name wet blanket takes a look at the Reds and concludes that several guys will need to outperform expectations for the Reds to contend.  A lot of this sounds very familiar - the author must spend a lot of time lurking here.


In case you hadn't heard, Aroldis Chapman wowed the baseball world on Monday.  Here are some of the reactions that haven't yet been posted:

Price on Chapman: I hope he forces our hand
Fay writes: Aroldis Chapman is certainly the story of camp. Some (me included) have him making the club. Reds pitching coach Bryan Price addressed that: "It’s not unrealistic to see (him making the club)," Price said. "But in the same respect, there’s a lot of spring to go. There’s a lot of decisions to be made. I don’t think that decision that’s going to make until we get a lot closer to end, and there’s a lot more involved that performance. But, right now, I hope he forces our hand.  

Sounds like Uncle Walt is taking a more measured approach.  "We can’t let one or two outings sway our decisions," Jocketty said. "I don’t think our position has changed. We’re still evaluating. Our plan is the same. We’ll put him out there every few days and continue to have Bryan (Price) work on things he’s work on. We’re still trying to address the cultural issues (Chapman)  has to deal with. We’ll see how it goes."

Keith Law on Aroldis Chapman - "That'll work"
RL Nation links to Keith Law's scouting report on Aroldis Chapman (full article is subscription only). In terms of mechanics, Chapman takes an enormous stride toward the plate and pronates his arm reasonably early; the arm path isn’t long and there’s no violence or other major red flags in the delivery. If he stays healthy, he’s a No. 1 starter, and should be able to come north with the Reds in some role this year if they want him on the big league roster.

Rob Neyer - Reds' Chapman throws 100 ... a good first step
Neyer also weighed in on Chapman and took a look at some other fireballing lefties of the past.  Vida Blue was one comp that came to mind:  Here's what Roger Angell wrote about Vida Blue, though: "His motion looked to be without effort or mannerism: a quick, lithe body-twist toward first base, a high lift and crook of the right leg, a swift forward stride -- almost a leap -- and the ball, delivered about three-quarters over the top, abruptly arrived, a flick of white at the plate."

Fanhouse - Reds Better Than Yankees for a Change 
Finally, some others are impressed with Chapman's command of both English and his fastball: This Aroldis Chapman thing makes no sense. The guy's fastball is a blur. His motion is wonderfully fluent whenever he takes the mound. 

Strasburg dazzles in spring debut
There's another young pitcher who made his ST debut to much fanfare this week. Top draft pick Stephen Strasburg threw two innings yesterday, allowing no runs, two hits, and striking out two. Unlike Aroldis, he admitted to feeling nervous. He also didn't throw 100! (the slacker only reached 98).