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Red Reposter - Dusty is as Dusty does

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  • Dusty seems to be pretty horned off at Chris Dickerson
    After Dickerson wondered aloud to CTrent why he wasn't being considered for the CF position, Dusty fired back: "My thing is, if you have a beef with anyone, come to me." Dusty said he had a very long talk with Dickerson after that. I can't really blame Dickerson for being frustrated, but it gets pretty sophomoric when it all comes out in the funny pages like this. I hope the vitriol dissipates quickly.

  • Baker says his lineup looks pretty well set
    Even though Cactus League games haven't even started yet, Dusty already has the top 2/3 of the lineup card filled out.


    Why am I not surprised? I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and DIE of not surprise. Orlando Cabrera will most likely be the worst hitter in the Reds starting eight, yet he will get the 2nd-most PAs.

  • Hall o' Famer Hal has another one of his "Ask Hal" pieces
    God, I miss these. To wit:
    "Q Would the record for most consecutive games played held by Cal Ripken Jr. be in jeopardy if Brett Favre played baseball? — Dave, Miamisburg/Centerville/Beavercreek."

    Sigh.  Seriously though:

    "Q Do you think any of the current Reds players or coaches are future Hall of Famers? — Tim, Springfield, Va.
    A The way folks are talking right now, Chapman is a shoo-in, even though his major league record is 0-0. But he does have a 0.00 ERA. Let’s see what happens with him. As for anybody else on the roster, I don’t see any of the older players landing in Cooperstown, unless they pay their way in. The younger players? Too early to tell."

    Scott Rolen has an excellent case for the HoF, if you asked me. I'm afraid Hal is right though that he won't get in without paying admission. What a shame.

  • The Fay spoke with Reds minor leaguer and (former) top prospect Chris Valaika
    Chris tore through the low minors, earning the Chief Bender Award in '08 after hitting .319 and knocking in 81 as a SS. Then he moved to AAA last season and embarrassed himself. This time last winter many people were talking about him as the Reds' SS of the future, but today many people wonder if he'll even start in Louisville. He's a fascinating player, and I think still a very promising prospect. He likely can't play SS at the major league level, but I still think he could be an above-average 2B. He really stunk it up last season, but it was really only a few hundred PAs. That happens sometimes to even the best players. It's really easy to overlook him, what with all the phenomenal infield prospects the Reds have now in the high minors. But I'm not counting him out just yet.

  • Chris Welsh is out in Arizona
    and he saw Aroldis Chapman throw for the first time. His impression:

    "He’s got a special arm. His fastball seems to pick up an extra gear about halfway to the plate. He’s tall and has a long stride, so that put him closer to the hitter. His fastball seems faster than it is."

    Fay thinks Chapman will make the team out of ST. I think that is a near-impossibility, but it still gives me an anxious chill just hearing it.

  • Dusty says he isn't worried about his contract situation
    "It ain't no thing," Baker told on Sunday. "You do your job the best that you can do it. I know we're going to win and everything will take care of itself. There's no sense worrying about what might be. It distracts from what is now."

    Dusty is signed through this year, but after two lackluster seasons under his tutelage the Reds may be shy to bring him back. I think we will know whether or not before the 4th of July. If the team starts hot, he gets a new contract. If they don't, he gets Krivsky'd.

  • Mike Lincoln has been knighted by Lord Baker to start the Reds' Cactus League opener
    It seems a very queer choice, as Lincoln hasn't started a game in the bigs in 10 years. Apparently the Reds think he is in the running for the 5th rotation spot. I'm not sure how a guy with one solid pitch (his curve) who hasn't started a major league game since the Monica Lewinsky scandal and has had more surgeries than Joan Rivers (is that enough dated pop-culture references?) is supposed to win a rotation spot, but whatevs.

  • Satchel Price at BtB profiles a few of the young center fielders who will be starting everyday this summer
    and our very own Drew Stubbs shows up. It's an interesting read regardless, but I especially like the part where he projects Stubbs to be worth almost 3 WAR.