SIS - RR Awards

I'm sure everyone here is looking forward for pitchers and catchers to report, only a few short weeks left until that magical date. This is a good time to reflect back upon the past year and issue some inhouse rewards. Naturally I'll need to request some technical help to compile the results (who's good at creating Excel spreadsheets?)...

Most Sabermatic

WTF Award - least likely to be understood

MVC - Most Valuable Commenter

Wordmeister - most eloquent

Wordkeester - least eloquent

Deleter - Mod who deletes the most comments

Pop Tart - RR'er issued the most pop ups

Hijacker - most likely to go off topic and derail a thread

Comedien - Funniest RR'er

Most profane

Most innane (in a good way)

Most insane (in a good way)

2nd worst speller

RR Fanpost of the Year

2009 Game Thread of the Year

Prediction of the Year

Best, and Worst, Burger of the Year

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