FanShot front page: Aroldis Chapman to set own pace


Walt Jocketty: "We keep reading about his maturity," Jocketty said. "But from everything we've seen, he's a very mature kid, and very intelligent and baseball-savvy. I wonder what people are basing [their comments] on, because it's not like the Cuban coaches are going to tell you that. Maybe it's coming from guys who couldn't get him signed." Dusty Baker: "We've got to put the money behind us and realize he's one of us and make him feel as comfortable as possible," Baker said. "If you're better than him, you're gonna pitch. And if you're not better than him, he's gonna pitch. That's as simple as it gets." Jerry Crasnick: Chapman's facial features are reminiscent of a young Dwight Gooden, and he has a smile that can light up a room. Petey sez: I hadn't seen Android the Destroyer smile before, but they have a nice pic of him yucking it up with Voltron. No guns are shown.