El Sombrerador is back!


John Fay is reporting that Jonny Gomes and the Reds have reached an agreement. No word on whether it's a minor league deal, though I imagine it is. Based on what Gomes did last year, he deserves a major league roster spot. Based on the Reds' best interests, they should have offered him a minor league contract with a chance to win a spot in spring training. UPDATE: Jerry Crasnick is reporting it's a 1 year MLB deal with an option year. If the Reds decline the option, Gomes is still eligible for arbitration. FURTHER UPDATE: Marc Sheldon is saying it's a minor league deal, per Walt Jocketty. BIG LEAGUE UPDATE: Sheldon recants his story (well, Walt heard him incorrectly). It's a big league deal. €€€€ UDATE: The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Gomes's deal is for $800,000.