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Pitchers, catchers. Catchers, pitchers.

This field looks lonely. Let's get some players on it pronto!
This field looks lonely. Let's get some players on it pronto!

Now that we've got the formal introductions out of the way, let's play some ball!

It's a mistake to pretend that players are just getting their first look at the Goodyear complex this morning as many of the pitchers and catchers have been in Arizona for a week or more. But it's still a good time for us fans to celebrate formally that another season is kicking off!

It's hard not to be excited about baseball when you look out your window and see a foot of snow that just won't go away, even if all we're excited about is the start of formal long tossing and PFP. We've got another 2 weeks before the first game of the year (March 5th vs. Cleveland on FS Ohio!), but that doesn't mean that pictures from Arizona won't do us some good.

If you are going to Arizona this year, please do keep us up to date on your journey. The best some of us have is to live vicariously through those that get the opportunity to travel. FanPosts are open for your stories and pictures, and who knows, maybe we'll get around to bumping some of those to the front page some day.

Let me use this opportunity to remind you that you can also follow Red Reporter on Twitter: @redreporter. I'll probably start being more active next week, so now is a good time to get in and start following.

I'll close this post with a couple of question for you to discuss:

  1. Who will be the first Reds player to come to camp "in the best shape of my life?"
  2. Which non-roster invitee has the best chance of making the team?
  3. Who will the first reported injury be?
  4. Who will have the first "new pitch" or "reworked swing" reported?
  5. Who will be the first to say they are "ready to put 2009 behind me?"