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Red Reposter - Cabrera, Caravan wrap-up

Phil Castellini is either highly confident or was in the middle of making an important point while talking to fans during the Caravan.  
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Phil Castellini is either highly confident or was in the middle of making an important point while talking to fans during the Caravan. via

  • Reds sign Orlando Cabrera
    As we've discussed, it's a one-year, 3M deal with a 1M buyout on 2011 (no word yet if it's a team or player option). Let's hope last year's defensive numbers were a fluke. Otherwise, we'll all be screaming for Dusty to start what's-his-name. No word yet on who will be removed from the 40-man roster.
    During the Caravan, which preceded the signing, Cabrera was a hot topic of conversation. Dusty backed the incumbent and essentially gave a no comment on the Cabrera rumors.
  • Rob Neyer: Reds looking like contenders?
    Opinion on the Orlando Cabrera signing is divided between those who want to go for it this year and those who'd rather see if Janish can be a credible shortstop on a contending team in 2011. I've leaned toward the latter pov, but Neyer believes that the Reds have a serious shot at the WC this year: I do believe that the Reds have thetalent on their roster for a solid season. Whether the luck and the management line up behind the talent ... well, that's your proverbial "known unknown."

  • has posted their top 25 prospects list. Two Reds made the cut, but you might be surprised who they are, and where they landed. There's also a good chat about the list. Here's the best part: "So does this insinuate that, looking back on last year’s draft, you’d go with Mike Leake at 3rd overall? What do you think of Leake compared with top players like Tyler Matzek, Jacob Turner, Shelby Miller, Aaron Crow, and Jiovanni Mier?" Yep, I would have strongly considered Leake with the 3rd overall pick. He’s a good ground-ball pitcher who can locate five pitches for strikes. Leake picked apart Dom Brown when they matched up at the AFL. I felt bad for Brown…it wasn’t fair. It would be one thing if Leake wasn’t just as good as Strasburg in college. And if he didn’t have some promising starts at the AFL. But he was and he did. SOOO underrated...I'll say it again, but I think there's more than a 25% chance that Leake will have a better career than Stephen Strasburg--could last a lot longer.

  • Reds tattoo man video
    Slyde already posted the pics. Here's the video. He predicts the Reds will win the WS - and that was before we signed Cabrera. What a fan!
  • Yonder Alonso interview
    Yonder Alonso talks about his offseason and artfully dodges a question about the future of 1B for the Reds. When asked further he admits to working out in LF and RF.
  • talks about Chris Heisey takes a look at the Reds 2009 Minor League Player of the Year, outfielder Chris Heisey. The reporter, Lisa Winston, raves about Heisey's makeup and well-rounded skill set and thinks LF is between him and Dickerson.
  • Highlights from Joe Morgan's '75 World Series heroics
    Maybe the worst highlight music I've ever heard. Given the era they were highlighting, the music should've been much swankier.
  • Scott Rolen Caravan interview
    Courtesy of Jamie Ramsey, the Reds assistant director of media relations. BK tweeted that Rolen looks like Roy from The Office, and I have to agree. Let's just hope he avoids Dwight's pepper spray this season. The linked page is the main menu for a number of videos taken at the Caravan.