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New Year's Redsolutions

MLB Trade Rumors has the following "needs" listed for the Reds: "Lefty reliever, left-handed hitting outfielder/leadoff hitter, backup shortstop, Joey Votto extension." This is probably a fair shopping list, though it's far from clear there's much left on the shelves out there, or even on back order.

Faced with picked-over inventory and post-holiday guilt, it's time to get reflect and reform. Here are just a few modest proposals for prudence in 2011:

  1. Resist the urge to sign Scott Podsednik. He might even improve the team, but there are younger, cheaper, less-likely-to-be-misused options who could be as good or better in 2011.
  2. Don't freak out about Joey Votto. He's going to be scary good next year and with the team until at least 2013.
  3. Extend Cueto. Maybe he's not going to be an "ace," but the team has a rare chance to lock up a quality young starter at a discount - a rarity for any team this side of Tampa Bay.
  4. Trust in Janish. You may not have much of a choice anyway.
  5. Put Chapman back on the starter track. He's not a set-up man until he's needed. How many prospective season ticket buyers are actually waiting to see if he breaks camp as Arthur Rhodes' replacement?

What are your resolutions -  for the Reds or otherwise?