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Going to Redsfest?

Christmas comes early every year for Reds fans - depending on your affinity for convention centers, autograph lines, red muslin and being in social situations. Redsfest 2010 gets underway today at the Duke Energy Convention Center in sunny downtown Cincinnati. The event runs from 4-10:30 pm today and 11 am - 6:30 pm Saturday. Incidentally, what is the scene like there at around 10:45 pm on a Friday? Is there any late night action or some kind of after hours party where Jim Kelch unmasks Gapper?

In any case, there are some good items on tap for Redsfest 2010. Appearances by past and present Reds like Aroldis Chapman, Joey Votto (Saturday only), Eric Davis and Jim Maloney - and who I assume is either his father or son - Matt Maloney. Here's a rundown of the activities from the Enquirer. One celebrated attraction in the Reds blogosphere is the cheap jersey rack, which, if I'm not mistaken, is responsible for providing bewilderment to tens, even hundreds of people who have sat behind that guy with the Mark Portugal pullover

So have you Reporters attended any recent editions of Redsfest? Any tips on what to see / what to miss? Have you scored an insane jersey or good piece of shwag? If you're heading down, go ahead and roll call here if you've got the mind or share your eyewitness reports later. It's been a while since I attended, but I get the impression this event stacks up favorably against other major league teams' winter fan cattle drives.

UPDATE: OMGReds has compiled a list of "Protips," culled from twitter, including one posted by our junior Twitter intern, Slyde:

@redreporter #Redsfest tip: Wait til late Saturday to buy the ironic jersey. You’ll save tens of dollars that way!