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Down through the chimney with Podsednik?

Reds are interested in Scott Podsednik - a MLBTradeRumors dispatch that seemed inevitable ever since Podsednik turned down a $2M option from the Dodgers.  You might be getting something extra in your stocking this year, if you like left fielders who will be 35 next year, play acceptable defense, have no power and suspiciously high BABIP, average-driven on-base skills.

If the grade of his aging-curve is kind, Podsednik would almost certainly improve LF production if platooned with Gomes, though perhaps marginally. His ability to range around the outfield, compared to Gomes, would be an baseline improvement. Using their career platoon splits as a guide and a roughly 65/35 percent split in playing time favoring Podsednik, a composite .275/.350/.425 line is a reasonable, if generous, expectation. Of course, that involves some pretty big assumptions: Podsednik doesn't significantly decline next year, Gomes and Podsednik would actually be platooned in the first place and the platoon wouldn't cause one or both of them to suffer from irregular playing time.

And comparing Gomes fulltime to Gomes & Pods is a little incomplete. Chris Heisey gets an absolutely sanguine .275/.336/.487 projection for 2011 from Bill James and a more realistic .259/.318/.415 from Zips. He's a good bet to be somewhere in that range, with better defense in LF than Gomes and probably Podsednik too.

Beyond that, Podsednik may be asking for at least $3M, having declined a $2M option from LA, and possibly a full-time starter handshake guarantee. Do his skills really merit forgoing league-minimum candidates like Heisey, Frazier, Dorn or Sappelt (and possibly writing off Arthur Rhodes too)? If I'm reading correctly, in the original "Up on the Housetop" one of the kids get a hammer and a bunch of tacks and a whip that cracks. Useful presents by some definition, but my friend from homeroom just got a new Zack Greinke (with Slow Curve action).